Friday, April 10, 2009

I Welcome Your Entre-thoughts

For those of you who aren't involved with Entrecard, this post won't make any sense.
If that's the case, you can go eat some chocolate and pretend I wrote something hilarious-- be sure and practice your light-hearted chuckling in case someone asks you what I wrote. Just make something up. Maybe something involving Eskimos and jello.

Ok... you Entre-folks are probably aware that they've switched over to accepting paid ads.
Previously it was just a fun way for blogs to advertise on each other (using pretend money called "entre-credits", or "ec"), and you could surf around and discover new blogs you hadn't read before. I liked it.

Now they're adding paid ads to the mix. The thing is, WE (the bloggers) don't directly make any money off of them. Only Entrecard gets to keep that money. Our blogs are just sort of a tool to bring revenue to Entrecard now. They ARE supposedly unveiling a thing this weekend, with some sort of plan where the blogger can make a small amount of cash, if they jump through a bunch of hoops and cash in their credits. We haven't been told yet what the amount-per-credit will be, but I doubt it will be very high.
Plus, they're going to be discriminating against the bloggers who don't permit paid ads to appear. Only the sheep who blindly accept a high percentage of paid ads will get to cash out their ec points.

I find this kind of distasteful, much like a forgotten lump of limburger cheese stuffed in the toes of an unwashed gym sock, discovered in a small attic during an unseasonably hot August.

Plus, I'd kind of prided myself on keeping the Jannaverse an ad-free zone. My other two blogs, Jantics and Jantrails, have had ads on them in the past, but even then I tried keeping it to a bare minimum.
There IS an option (on the "advert settings" link in the Entrecard dashboard) to stop accepting ads, but it disables ALL ads-- not just the paid ones. I learned that today when I went to my dashboard and discovered that my ad price had dropped all the way down to 8ec. Eight! Well, of course it was because no one could buy an ad; I'd inadvertently disabled EVERYONE.

Sorry about that; if you were one of the people who tried. I wasn't trying to make it inaccessible to everyone; I just wanted to automatically reject all the paid ads. And it seems there's no way to do that. We have to go to our dashboard every day and individually reject each and every ad that applies, and if we don't reject it within 24 hours, the Entrecard people start putting it on our blogs anyway.

This is rotten, I tell you.

So I've been considering the possibility of leaving Entrecard altogether. I know a lot of other people have already made that choice, either hastily or after a lot of thought.
I've been giving it a lot of thought.
Still, I'd like to know what the rest of you think.

If you're an Entrecard person, how have you reacted to the onslaught of paid ads?
What do you think about their policy that "regular" blog ads (the old-fashioned kind paid with ec, not cash) only get 50% of the viewing time now, having to share 50% of the time with the paid ads? Doesn't it seem like the "regular" blog ads are getting cheated out of half their time?


Anonymous said...

Yup, totally sucks - they are all happy happy because they are making money and that's as it should be - it costs money to maintain their servers etc. But have you noticed that the "drop" box is often black and you have no idea what blog you are supporting when you drop on it = some of the paid ads are regular blogs - folks I already have in my bookmarks - all in all a sucky situation - I've been trying to buy ads with my credits but I keep getting rejected because they are leaving Entrecard - maybe these folks have shot themselves in the proverbial foot?

Janna said...

Grace: I know. I kinda want to stick around just to see what happens, but I feel like I'm standing at the side of the road watching a horrible accident.

Marilyn said...

I think I'll wait till this time next week and decide then, probably decide to do away with entrecard. I wouldn't mind adds if I were compensated for them but I don't even get ec for the paid adds, as far as I can tell. If it isn't paying off in fun, or visitors, or money, then I don't see the point.

Da Old Man said...

You know I'm with you 100%.

This entire thing was so badly conceived. Allthey had to do was offer a dual widget, and make it an opt in type of program. No dual widget, no money. But it would be an option, not something forced upon us.

Like you, I tried to be a team player, and now feel used. I've got around 10,000 credits and no idea what to do. I'm going to wait it out a little longer, but will turn down every paid ad until they figure out something. I already accepted a bunch, but most of them were from bloggers.
Starting tomorrow, I'm only dropping on friends and blogs that I really like. I expect to quickly drop from one of the top in my catagory to the back of the bus.

If EC engages in any punitive measures, I'll drop them like the bad habit they have become.

FishHawk said...

I'm going to stay with program all the way until I see what is going to happen with the money distribution. For they have been promising to give back 75% of the revenues to those who participate. Now, if that equates to being around a dollar a month before administration fees and taxes, and one has to have at least $127.83 accumulated before they can cash out, I'll be much more inclined to get belligerent.

Of course, what do I really know? For I am a blind sheep who actually likes to find limburger cheese stuffed in gym socks.

vanilla said...


"..I find this kind of distasteful, much like a forgotten lump of limburger cheese stuffed in the toes of an unwashed gym sock, discovered in a small attic during an unseasonably hot August..."

I was laughing out when I read this comment, thanks for sharing the same feeling Jaana.

For ECarder who want to find more who else in this rebellion, check my post here

Chinaren said...

I don't mind paid ads, but not crediting the blogs who have them just seems plain stupid to me.

It's like they chose this system to people don't think they're copying Adgitise or something.

Adgitise, in case you don't know, pays you for displays/hits of ads, so you get rewarded for how 'successful' you are.

EC should really go with this method. It may have been used by others, but that's because it makes sense!!

whall said...

Isn't Entrecard french for "Our smelly cheese" or something?

Janna said...

Marilyn: It's getting to where I don't see the point either.

DaOldMan: I've got about 10,000 credits sitting around as well. And I have a sneaking suspicion that they will find some sort of excuse to never, ever pay me for them. They're already saying that they plan on favoring the people who DO run more paid ads. Those people will get cashout priority. What about the rest of us....??

FishHawk: As I said in the comment above, I really expect that they will find sneaky little ways to (1) reduce the credits we're storing up, like through a tax or something that gradually depletes us, and/or (2) Make a rule that only the top percentage of paid-ad-runners is allowed to cash out, thus excluding people like me who despise the entire concept.

Chinaren: There's gotta be something better than what they're currently doing, that's for sure.

Whall: I bet "Fromage LePew" was Pepe LePew's older cousin who really had a hygiene problem.

Janna said...

Vanilla: Thanks. The Limburger thing summed it up for me pretty well too. :)