Monday, March 2, 2009

Manic Monday: Waffle

I rarely have breakfast, and I'm not nearly as proficient with computers as I would like to be.
But here is a fun way to combine the two.
Just imagine all the melted butter you could fit in that CAPSlock key... and shift key... and spacebar....



nonamedufus said...

Ah, the key to better waffles. Does Del-iver bacon, too?

Janna said...

Nonamedufus: Congratulations on being the ONLY person to comment on my Manic Monday post! Wow. I can't believe it!
Yes... Dell-ivers bacon, which is a Gateway to other pork products like ham and BBQ ribs. Lean over, so you don't get any on your laptop. :)

Travis said...

HA! Now that's funny!

Sorry I didn't get around earlier in the week. I've been a busy little Trav.

Janna said...

Travis: Thanks for stopping by. :) You're always welcome here at the Jannaverse.