Friday, February 27, 2009

Beware of Furning Torty

Here's another installment of the Jannapedia.
For any of you who might be unfamiliar with the Jannapedia, it's comprised of interesting anti-spam "words" I got from Blogger. I've listed them here, along with my definitions and/or examples of their meanings.

TRADSH: "I really don't use the letter 'D' much at all anymore," said Ralph, as he threw it into the trash.

CATICES: What cats would become if you left them in Antarctica for a few nights.

AMPRETHD: I am not amprethd by your thilly behavior.

INEUTR: Ineutr & spay kats and dogs. Ask aboute my midnite madness special!

ACHORP: A cross between a sneeze and a hiccup.

TORTY: I'm furning torty next year, which is why I'm vrinking plenty of dodka now.

COONSUPR: A meal preceded by possumlunch and skunkbrekfst. (Be sure to use plenty of mouthwash after skunkbrekfst.)

NOLAD: The complete absence of salad.

REGRE: I regre to infor yo tha I sometime leav th las letter off word

BUGFUL: If your home is bugful, you may need to hire an exterminator.


Wavemancali said...

I think cold cats would be catcicles, but if you grew tomatoes on your cats, they would be catices.

But I can see your view if it were on a road sign, like bridge ices before road. Catices before dog...

whall said...

LOLcats have icanhascheezeburger site where people can create their own captions and share.

You and I could create LOLspamz where we allow people to submit these antispam words and captions so that each word could have multiple submissions that then could be rated and voted on.

This idea is freeful.

Anonymous said...

These were bloody brilliant - eveb better than the last batch...

Da Old Man said...

Between the cat and dog neutering, and the frozen ones, you may be hearing from Bob Barker.

It's not like he has anything else to do.

Trukindog said...

Coonsupr is always a Nolad meal, it just spoils the greasyness.

Janna said...

Wavemancali: If I tried growing tomatoes on my cats, they'd just end up burying them in the litter box. And that totally destroys the flavor.

Whall: Wow.... at first I thought that said LOL-spasms, which sounds like a disease that is both painful AND funny.

Grace: Thank you! :)

DaOldMan: With any luck, he'll get lost trying to find where I live.

Trukindog: What kind of wine goes with coonsupr?

Lynda said...

I love these!

You aren't furning torty, today are you? If you are, bappy hirthday!

Marilyn said...

I could use some dodka myself... I love these posts.

Janna said...

Lynda: No, I'm furning torty NEXT year. My birthday was January. I'm 39 now. God help me.

Marilyn: You and me both!

Travis said...

Those made me laugh out loud. I think that might have been the best list so far.

Mo said...

wait til you get to torty-froo and sthee how mush shtuff you hafta drinx to get fru da day....

Janna said...

Travis: Thanks! :)

Morgen: I believe you!