Thursday, March 12, 2009

Making the world a nicer place by improving Chex Mix

I am on a mission.
These past couple years, I've come to like Chex Mix.

My favorite is the "Bold Party Blend".
It's flavorful, but it's not hot enough.

The "Hot Spicy" version, which I mentioned a couple days ago, is slightly hotter-- but not as flavorful.

So clearly the task falls upon me. I must create my own personal Chex Mix recipe.
It has to be bursting with intense savory flavor, and it has to be hot enough to win the approval of the Jannaverse.

My favorite mottos are "If it's too hot, you're too weak," and "If it didn't make the snot and tears run, it wasn't hot enough."

(Someday I might actually have mottos involving humanitarianism and world peace, but for now, let's just stick with the tears and snot.)

I've found a few "bold" or "spicy" Chex Mix recipes online, like this one and this one. They're similar to what I'm looking for, but not exactly.

I must create the Top Secret Jannaverse Test Kitchen this weekend.

I'll report back to you with my findings... and once I've perfected the recipe, I'll post it here so you can all try it.
If you dare. :)


VE said...

I opened a bank account in Guadalajara so I could have mex checks....

dani c said...

Mmmmm sounds good...

whall said...

I'm weak and proud of it. Unless you won't like me in which case bravado works fine, if that's ok with you,

Chex is for cereal. Especially rice chex and corn chex combined together.

Da Old Man said...

I just read your review of the Habaneo Death Rain Chips, and you didn't think they were hot enough.

You scare me.

BTW, I did a shout out to you today on my blog. You'll like it.

Janna said...

VE: Mex Checks always smell like chili powder....

DaniC: Yum!

Whall: Chex is good for cereal too! Although I can't bear the thought of mixing them together in a cereal bowl. It would feel like cereal adultery, or a threesome, or something. (**uncomfortable pause**)

DaOldMan: Yay! Thank you for mentioning me! Maybe I'll reward you by sending you a batch of my new-improved hot chex mix! Get the Tums and Rolaids ready!