Friday, March 20, 2009

I like you, but not as a beverage

Today I was sitting in a Subway (the sandwich place, not the scary place with a billion people and a trillion smells), and I saw a group of women come in. They were apparently picking up dinner for themselves and a few of their friends. I watched two of them fill the drink cups at the beverage thingy, and overheard the following conversation:

Lady #1: "Does she want that much ice??"

Lady #2: "Yes. She said lots of ice."
Lady #2 spends a few minutes getting the drinks filled. One of the drinks accidentally gets a little too full, so she takes a sip out of the cup to get it down to a more non-leakable level.

Lady #1: "Does she know you're drinking out of her cup?"

Lady #2: "Well, she WON'T unless you TELL her, you tattle-tale!!"

I had to laugh.

I'm curious, would it bother any of you if you learned someone else had drank out of your beverage cup before giving it to you?
After some thought, I guess I have to admit it would probably gross me out a little.
Would it matter to you if the person was a relative, a spouse, or a friend?
Or is it gross no matter WHO drinks out of your cup?

Side note: Once, back in the golden days of ABC group, we were having a party at Jason's house. Dennis let Jason's DOG drink beer out of his mug... and then went back to drinking out of it himself! I was horrified. Dennis just shrugged and said something about how dog spit was cleaner than human spit.
The reason I have trouble believing that, is because I've seen what dogs lick.


Gwenhwyfar said...

*shrug* I'm one of those people who really doesn't mind sharing with other people. People I know anyway. I have chewed someone else's gum, tasted someone else's sucker, let someone share my drink (both from a glass and a straw), shared food that you actually have to bite pieces off, etc.
I dunno, it doesn't bother me. But I'm weird.

Lynda said...

I use to not really mind if I really knew the person, but the older I get, and the more I think about how my ex would go days without brushing his teeth, the more I think keep your spit and bacteria to yourself!

Travis said...

I don't mind sharing, as long as the person doesn't drink out of my straw.

Ram Venkatararam said...

Personally I would prefer that someone else take a sip. In fact, I'd like them to take a bite of the sandwich too.

Subways is notorious for food poisioning. It's how that fat guy lost all his weight. He nearly died from a bad meatbull sub and tainted Sprite.

Be careful.

Da Old Man said...

With the Crotchety Old Lady or my kid, but not with friends. That would be gross.

whall said...

Although my feelings on this will make me seem arrogant or something, it's still how I feel.

I wanna be strong enough to take it.

Its one thing to be careful for germs when you're talking cholera or general basic hygiene, but if I get sick or die from another human or dog drinking from my cup or biting from my burger, its prolly better for everyone anyway.

However, germaphobes still have their preferences and the person shouldn't have stomped all over them so cavalierly.

Janna said...

Gwen: At least we can agree on that last sentence. :)

Lynda: Dan didn't brush his teeth?

Travis: I agree that straw-sharing is an abomination.

Ram: Wow, maybe I can drop a few pounds there too....

DaOldMan: How romantic, that you don't mind the Crotchety Old Lady's germs. You old softy, you. :)

Whall: Well, I think you're kinda missing the middle ground here. You've shown two extremes: The "strong" people, and the "germaphobes."
I'm somewhere in the middle. Although not a "germaphobe," I still find it repulsive to share spit with a dog (and with people whose oral hygiene might be frightfully bad). It has nothing to do with worrying about getting sick or dying or becoming "strong enough to take it". The point is that it's simply human nature to find certain things disgusting, in the same way that we find raw sewage and vomit disgusting.

...(Lunch, anyone?)

Marilyn said...

I wouldn't share with the dog and I would try to respect another's boundaries but it wouldn't bother me too much. said...

Yes, it would gross me out if a fast food worker drank from my drink. She may have herpes or mouth boogers or something.

Beer has alcohol (news flash) which kills bacteria.

Now what's the deal with back wash? We didn't have that back in the day!

Skye said...

Now that would totally depend on who's the one taking the sip. If it's someone I know, no problem. If it's someone who's practically a stranger, then there's a problem.

As for the dog, well my dog is tall enough to stand almost a head above the table. So saying, it's hard to keep his head out of our plates of food if we turn our heads on him for a second. Yes, he's stolen food out of my plate on numerous occassions. It pisses me off, but it doesn't gross me out.

FYI: If you have a cut or a burn, let your dog lick it clean. It heals, on average, 10 times quicker than if left. You end up with a fraction of a scar as opposed to using modern medications to heal it. Under no circumstances, however, should you allow a cat to lick a wound clean. Cat's have viruses in their mouths that can cause deadly infections, depending on the persons health to begin with.

Dogs saliva actually kills a lot of bacterias that cause infection, so irregardless of what they're licking, it's pretty good. Granted, I wouldn't recommend allowing a strange dog to lick a wound, nor would I suggest you let your dog eat rotten meat and then immediately allow them to lick a wound. Both sinarios are pretty scary. :)

Jamie said...

Not a problem for me. Same cups, same dishes as long as it is someone I know. Complete strangers whose dining habits I don't know might be a problem. Still, if I find myself in a yurt partaking of yak butter and all fingers into the pot, I guess you have to be courteous.

Janna said...

Marilyn: Not even if Andy hadn't brushed his teeth in a week on a long hiking trip?

GoingLikeSixty: Thank you for being the first person ever to use the term "mouth boogers" in a comment here at the Jannaverse. I'm not sure what it means, but I definitely wouldn't want to drink it.

Skye: Accghhh! I tell you, I don't believe a word of it! Dog saliva touches plenty of disgusting things I don't want anywhere near me. Like dog noses, which have touched a plethora of dog butts. And dead things. I refuse to believe that it's healthful.

Jamie: Now I have to look up the word "yurt".