Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Math Problem For Today

Assuming the universe ate 300 trillion boxes of candy this week, calculate the square root of the number of cavities the Milky Way will have in the year 2010.

For extra credit, concoct a dental pun using the term "square root".


JohnnyB said...

I'm going with a 1:1 ratio of cavities to candy boxes so the square root of 1 trillion cavities is 17,320,508.1 (though there might be a hole in my logic. HAHAHA!)
What secures a math geek's tooth in his mouth? A square root!

Janna said...

JohnnyB: Ooooh! Very nice! So close! But remember, it was 300 trillion boxes, instead of just one trillion. (Still, with your extra credit, you might pass! Especially if no one else comments and I grade on the curve. :)

VE said...

I'm going with zero. No matter how hard the math problem is initially, if you multiply times zero then you'll always know the end result! I almost messed up because 2010 is not a leap year. Whew! I can't get the extra credit because there is nothing funny about dental!

JohnnyB said...

Well, my math was right but my explanation was wrong. Since you didn't ask us to show our work, disregard my comment about "1 trillion", I meant "the square root of 300 trillion cavities is 17,320,508.1"
Anyway, as they say in Congress, "1 trillion, 300 trillion, what's the diffreence?"

Da Old Man said...

I'm guessing 1, because the Universe is really good about flossing after eating candy.

I went to my dentist, Ruth to do some work for her, in exchange for dentistry, kind of a barter deal.

She replaced a crown, and I helped renovate her kitchen.

At the end, she thought she may have owed me some money. But, still under the effects of the novocaine, I assured her, "We are square, Root."

Janna said...

VE: Y'know, maybe somewhere in the universe, 2010 IS a leap year. We'll have to check.

JohnnyB: Ah! I see! Good point about Congress, BTW. :)

DaOldMan: Nice!

whall said...

My dentist lives on the same street as me, but we live on a one-way street. Since the road goes one-way from his place to mine, I have to take three right-turns to get to his house.

You might say I have to take a square route.

Janna said...

Whall: Do you have to drive across the route canal?

JohnnyB said...

I'd vote for Da Old Man to get the extra credit. Nice one.

Janna said...

JohnnyB: You, DaOldMan, and Whall ALL get the extra credit. :)