Monday, January 5, 2009

Things the letters SALE could stand for:

Sometimes Anthony Looks Excited
See? Arkansas Loves Everyone!
Sautee All Lovebirds Evenly
Someone Almost Left Earth
Stupidity Always Lowers Expectations
Sour Apples Lurk Everywhere
Stefan Actually Learned English
Spiked Armpits Look Excruciating
Severe Arthritis = Leaping Elephants
Stick Around; Let's Eat!


Bear said...

And don't forget my favorite...

supprimer aussi les eventuels


Janna said...

Bear: Is that something Stefan said before he learned English?

Bear said...


Janna said...

Bear: Accgghh. Even after wading through the French-English dictionary, I can't make heads or tails out of it.
Supprimer = Remove, delete, cancel
Aussi = Also
Les = The
Eventuels = Possible

Can anyone out there come to my rescue? Anyone? S'il vous plaƮt?

Bear said...

Literally it means;

'to also remove the possible ones'

Which, as we all know, is a snippet from some French HTML code;
// Annuler les magic quotes \' sur GET POST COOKIE et GLOBALS ;
// supprimer aussi les eventuels caracteres nuls , qui peuvent tromper
// la commande is_readable('chemin/vers/fichier/interdittruc_normal')

...but you already knew that, right?

Durward Discussion said...

There is a million dollar T-Shirt idea in there somewhere.

Durward Discussion said...

Nice of Bear to translate. I did find three places where it was used and all involved statements beginning with "I have a problem with my computer". It just sounds better in French.

whall said...

Suck A Left Earlobe

carol g said...

So, Are Leprechauns Emerald?

Nice take on SALE, Janna...

Marilyn said...

ooohhh... sauteed lovebird. My favorite.

Janna said...

Bear: I guess I should be grateful you didn't write one in Arabic, huh? :)

Jamie: Most things sound better in French. They could probably even make toenail fungus sound attractive.

Whall: Okay! Whose?

Carol g: Yes, in fact, I think almost all of them are emerald! :)

Marilyn: It's really good with lemon pepper marinade and rice pilaf.