Friday, January 23, 2009

Sorry to hear about your mencil

Here are some more entries for the Jannapedia.
As you probably remember, these are anti-spam "words" I've gotten from Blogger lately-- complete with my own definitions.

MENCIL: An unfortunate male appendage that is the size of a pencil.

BARKI: Possibly the name of Barbie's dog.

SPOLUMP: The sound you make when running over a possum.

HICNE: Having hiccups and acne at the same time.

FRIESS: Why, yesss, I would like sssome french friessss, with lotsss of sssalt..

WHERDI: Wherdi go? Wheredi go? He was just here a minute ago....

NORING: Noring, Noengagement, Nowedding.

NORMIST: Someone who is prejudiced in favor of "normal" people.

TINGS: Dere are tings I regret... like eating dat spider.


Mo said...

okay, mencil is pretty much a classic... you should submit it to urban dictionary dot com!

Bluepaintred said...

actually, I've read quite a few of your new words but this is the first time you have written ( at least that I have seen) that explains where the words come from!

Thats a cool idea for a post Janna!

I agree about mencil. you've coined an awesome word1

Janna said...

Morgen: And the mental image is quite amusing!

BluePaintRed: Yes! :) The words are all anti-spam groupings I've seen on Blogger. I explained all about it in the first couple Jannapedia posts. Then I just sorta hoped everyone remembered what it was all about. Glad you like the mencil. (The word, I mean, not the real thing. :)

dizzblnd said...

Mencil is great! Spolump made me bust out laughing. That is a good one! You have a wonderful knack for these!

Gwenhwyfar said...

No fair making me laugh that hard at work. Like they weren't already questioning my sanity. And isn't there a contest every year for people to change, remove or add one letter to an existing word and give it a new meaning? Because Mencil is perfect.

Trukindog said...

Those damn Normist's, they're always givin us pervs a hard time.

whall said...

Hi.. My name is Normist. E. Normist. And no, I don't have a mencil you can borrow.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant ! Spolump and friess cracked me up totally

Gwenhwyfar said...

The best one I've gotten in a while was "uperfu" as in "most of the good stuff goes to the uperfu and the lowerfu get whatever is left over."

VE said...

I feel sorry for those guys with Mencils. They're the ones with the big vehicles and always talking about themselves.

Now can I have two barkies with mustard and some friess?

Giggle Pixie said...

I hate those normists. They're always on my back about something crazy they think I'm doing. Pfft.

Janna said...

Dizzblnd: Spolump is fun. The other definition I'd thought of was "The sound of someone farting into an upholstered recliner." But the possum thing works too. :)

Gwen: If you find out how to enter the contest, lemme know. I might also hire you to assassinate anyone who tries to plagiarize me and enter the word themselves. :)

Trukindog: I know! Frustrating, isn't it? :o

Whall: Hee! :)

BroadwayMatron: Friess are alssso good with ssssandwiches.

Gwen: So true! I'm one of the lowerfu.

VE: I like my barkies with chili and beans.

GigglePixie: Me too!

Marilyn said...

I hate the normists...

Da Old Man said...

Mencil made me feel inadequate.

Janna said...

Marilyn: Me too! Abnormality is endearing! (Although... wait... I AM still single...)

DaOldMan: Awwww. Go do some "guy" things; you'll feel better. You could pee your name in the snow, test the number of times you can wear underwear without washing it, or blow some stuff up. That testosterone will be pumping in no time!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Janna :)

My name is Janna. I'm currently a student, in Law school. I...was studying, but my mind flew elsewhere, and so I googled my name + the last name of the person I am dating...and somehow, I ended up on this blog post of yours. I just found it interesting. You're one interesting Janna, too. Hoorah for double n's :)

...incidentally, my mother's name is Marilyn. What a total coincidence.

Also, I'm currently reading through the Civil Code + Family Code...and was randomly looking up stuff on marriage.

Really interesting.

Well, I better get back to studying.

Hello and goodbye :)

Random regards,
Janna A.

Janna said...

Janna A: Hey! Hi there. :) I've gotten a few other comments from various Jannas over the years. What fun! Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)