Friday, December 12, 2008

Wish me luck, or something remarkably similar

Tonight, (Friday December 12th) is our band concert.
Think of me from 7:00 til about 9:00 or so.
(Eastern Time).
One of the things we'll be playing is a quintet I wrote.

If anything awful happens, I have an escape plan.
I've been practicing spontaneous combustion all week.
Here's hoping I don't get any pieces of me on the audience.


Gwenhwyfar said...

Just remember, in that event I get the harp and the deer skull. We got a deal.

Lynda said...

It would be much more awesome if you got bits of you all over the audience.

Everyone gets a piece of Janna!

I'm sure you'll be great!

Renz said...

I'll wait for your update on you concert. That sounds cool!

whall said...

If it does happen, it'd probably be a good idea to set prices at JannaMart for the different pieces. I would like to pre-order some if possible.

Anonymous said...

Self-immolation is much more dramatic... I'm just saying. (and break a leg)

Janna said...

Gwen: No, you get the deer skull and the CELLO. No fair switching after I'm dead.

Lynda: It could be like party favors! Except slightly more messy.

Renz: If I make it through the event in one piece, I will certainly update everyone. :)

Whall: What pieces did you have in mind?

XUP: I dunno... spontaneous combustion still sounds better because I imagine it would be immediate (and therefore less painful). I hate pain. Plus the whole explosion thing would be VERY dramatic! :) Here's hoping someone shoots video!

Da Old Man said...

It's currently 8:08, and I'm thinking of you in a very G rated way. Good luck,

Janna said...

DaOldMan: Thank you! I survived. I am still in one piece. Well, except for my heart, but that's a whole different story.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Damn... It was worth a shot.