Thursday, December 18, 2008

There may be a test later

A couple weeks ago I did a post where I listed various anti-spam "words" I'd found.
I gave them silly definitions or used them in sentences. They weren't real words, but they almost looked like they could be, with a little love and nurturing and questionable logic.
Here's another batch, just for you. :)
I like to think of it as "compiling the Jannapedia".

FRAILIC (Almost like Gaelic, but not quite as strong)

SEEKEDJ (Really! He's there! Seek him!)

DISITTI (Dare's too much noise in dis place. Look at all da lights. I hate diSitti.)

COSUER (Someone who participates in a class action lawsuit... a co-suer)

HOORSES (They use hoorses hoooves to make glooooo!)

GRALO (Jello with gravel in it)

BETAR (i em feelling betar now tht the diarea is gone)

REDIT (The book was long and boring but I redit anyway).

UNTLI (How a dyslexic person spells "until")

TOMMIS (Tommis Eddasen inventid teh lite bulb.)

ROWEEXP (The sound you make when you accidentally sit on a plate full of jello)

PUMOTE (I wud pumote yu to a bettr job positian if only yur speling waznt so bad)

PYRATO (Half pyromaniac, half tomato. This means a lot of burnt ketchup).


Da Old Man said...

Ever since the first installment, I have noticed this. Always cracks me up as I make my own definations.

I need to get out more.

Giggle Pixie said...

And frailic doesn't leave you with that awful garlic breath.

Lidian said...

These are so great! They remind me of the word they made up inadvertently on The Honeymooners when Ed Norton read the phrase "a string of polo ponies" (in some awful play they were putting on) as "a string of poloponies" (accent on the second syllable, poLOPonies.

Which also sounds like a Greek philosopher.

I will drop on you tomorrow, promise! Used 'em all up today already...

The Flying Monkeys said...

peek a boo! Im back!

Janna said...

DaOldMan: I'd love to hear some of your definitions!

GigglePixie: So true!

Lidian: Sounds fun. I have to admit I've never seen any episodes of The Honeymooners, ever!

TheFlyingMonkeys: Welcome back!

whall said...

hehe, burnt ketchup.

Janna said...

Whall: Not to be confused with Fried Green Tomatoes.