Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The gratitude has seeped all the way into my liver

I've gotten some packages in the mail lately, and it's time I said thank you. Some of these thanks are overdue, so please excuse me.

Last June/July, I won some kind of contest/comment thing over at The Blog Of Whall. It's been so long that I forgot what exactly I did to win. :) My prize was a Dilbert book (Journey To Cubeville). I love Dilbert. I just received the book a couple weeks ago. As Whall said in his handwritten dedication on the inside cover, "my adoration for you is matched only by my procrastination." Thank you, Whall. I've read the entire book (some parts twice!) and I love it. :)

Way back in.... well, quite a few months ago, I won an art contest over at Morgetron's blog, and my prize consisted of various intriguing things, including a book on the philosophy of Stoicism. Dorks (like me) love intellectual stuff like that. Thank you, Morgetron. If I ever win Final Jeopardy with a question on Stoicism, I will seriously consider sharing my winnings with you before I inevitably end up blowing it all on chocolate and fountain pens instead. :)

Then, in October, I got randomly chosen to receive chocolate by commenting on the Crotchety Old Man's blog. Because our postal system screwed up, though, he had to send it three times before I actually got it. Not sure what happened there. But the truffles did finally arrive. Yummy stuff. Thank you, Crotchety, for your generosity and persistence!! :)

Then, of course, we have Gwen. She and I were chatting on Facebook one day, and she happened to mention chutney. I'd never had chutney, and wasn't entirely sure what it was. Gwen offered to send me some.
I just got the package today! It's right here next to me.
Thank you, Gwen.
So, stay tuned, I will soon be doing a post where I try chutney for the very first time.
I promised her I would write it "in Canadian", so I'll have to work on my translation skills. :)


Giggle Pixie said...

I don't know what chutney is either, so I'm excited to hear more about it.

The chocolate I DO know about, and I'm jealous.

Ditto about the Dilbert book!!!!

Gwenhwyfar said...

*squee!* I am waaaaaaaay to excited to hear about your adventures in chutney. I only wish I could be there. (And that I had some samosa for you to try too... still working on a plan to get you some, BTW)

Janna said...

GigglePixie: Sometimes I even read Dilbert books and eat chocolate at the same time! :)

Gwen: Stay tuned!

J Morgetron said...

And thank you Janna for entering my silly contest. I love your drarrrwings.

Faiqa said...

You win a lot of contests. And, hey, has it been that long since I actually clicked through to your blog? Everything looks different. Looks good.

Janna said...

Morgetron: Yay! :)

Faiqa: I'm glad you like it. I have a habit of changing the banner often. Sometimes I switch it as much as once a week. Other times I'll let the same banner hang around for a month. I like variety. Change is inevitable. :)