Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's not too late!

Guess how many people ordered stuff from yesterday's post!
Go on, guess!
I'll give you a clue: It has a lot of zeros!
Unfortunately, ALL the numbers are zeros.
Nobody ordered anything.
So please pardon me while I sink into a pit of seasonal despondency. I'll be over here in the corner, muttering nonsensical gibberish in a faint monotone while I prepare to throw stale peanuts at anyone who sings Jingle Bells within a 6 foot radius.
I'll either be naked or wearing an elf suit (haven't decided yet).


Morgiana Le Fey said...

almost nekkid, wearing only the elf hat and pointy curled-toe shoes, sans the bells...they're just as annoying as christmas music. although i have to say i'm intrigued by what all might be on one of those 4x6 notecards...and the comments on the cat-hair'd models...

whall said...

Dashing through the 'webz
In a one-CPU laptop
Through the flows and ebbs,
please, network: don't stop!
The pop-ups, they do sting
Making browsers fight
What fun it is to comment here,
The Jantic's on tonight!

Janna Bells,
and Jantrails,
Jantics all the way!
Oh what fun, it is to blog
in the Jannaverse this way, AYY!
Janna Bells
with Jantrails,
Jantics' fun for Wayne!
Oh what fun, it is to blog
even with a bad flu strain.

A page or two ago
I thought I got a fright
And soon Ms Google-pants
Was indexing my site!
The Jannaverse is here
To calm my frantic fears
For when I need one more raindrop
her blog-ocean appears!

Janna's here
don't you fear,
Janna all the way!
She eats hot sauce like dental floss
Without the tooth decay-AY!
This last verse,
Is all you get today,
Oh what fun, it is to mock
our Christmas holiday.

Giggle Pixie said...

I was going to say I could help you out on the elf costume, but sheesh, after Whall's song, nothing anybody says here is really gonna matter.

Whall, dude, that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Da Old Man said...

Not for nothing, but pictures of you in an elf suit or nekkid may have generated some sales.

You could have wrapped up the entire Christmas pervert market.

Marilyn said...

Sorry about that.

Janna said...

Morgian: Do you have some pointy toed shoes I can borrow?

Whall: I would love to have an mp3 file of you singing that.

GigglePixie: It WAS awesome, wasn't it?

DaOldMan: Yay for Christmas perverts!

Marilyn: On the bright side, I can now discover how many shots of amaretto a naked elf can drink before getting hammered.