Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Various Thoughts

1) I wonder why there aren't any constellations shaped like Johnny Depp.

2) Thirty years ago, I was eight years old. Things went downhill from there.

3) Oreos don't really excite me; I like cookies that are soft and chewy. Once in a great while I'll get in a mood when I want to dunk some Oreos in milk, but that's only about once or twice a year.

4) The expensive ice cream stand in Jonesville has mango as its soft serve flavor this week.

5) So, if x+27 = 2x-y, and 3z = x-y, then z = 9. Of course!


Travis said...

I think there are such constellations, you just haven't connected the dots yet.

Wavemancali said...

Travis is right. There is such a constellation but due to brilliant marketing and spin by Johnny's PR department you never hear about the "Little Depper"

just a girl... said...

I really dont get the oreo hype, i am a crunchy cookie girl myself. Oh and number 5 is just cracking me up it would take me a lifetime to decipher that one, thanks for including the answer.

Evil Genius said...

Soft and chewy cookies rule!

And if there was a constellation that looked like Johnny Depp I'd be up all night every night staring at it! Ha!

Da Old Man said...

I hate mango ice cream. Could you ask them if I can possibly substitute another flavor.

Da Old Man said...

Could you give the address of the ice cream shop. I'm in NJ, and not exactly sure how to find it. But I can mapquest it, and can make it by Thursday if they have something with chocolate on special.

Steven said...

If there were constellations shaped like Johnny Depp, I would be really shooting for the stars. Wait, that didn't come out right. Wait, that didn't either!

Marilyn said...

LOL at Steven.

Eight is a good age but it doesn't seem like it from the perspective of the eight-year-old.

I like oreos if the are crumbled up in ice cream or dipped in chocolate. I never much liked milk and don't see why I should ruin a perfectly good cookie with it.

Janna said...

Travis: Wow... that's actually kind of deep and philosophical. I like it.

Wavemancali: LOL! You're right; the "Little Depper" would be bad for his image. Heh!

JustAGirl: Once in awhile I have a nerdy fascination with algebra. But only the simple kind I actually remember how to solve. :)

EvilGenius: Soft, chewy, and preferably chocolate! :)

DaOldMan: Have you ever actually tried mango? I think they also have vanilla and chocolate, for the non-adventurous types. :) They're on Chicago Street in Jonesville, MI, and they're called "The Udder Side".

Steve: LOL! No, keep going.... I want to see what else comes up. I mean... wait...

Marilyn: Oreos by themselves are just dry crumbly scratchy things. But the cold milk sort of redeems them by softening them up a bit. It makes them so I can stand them. :)

whall said...

Oh. I misread your blog title as 'vicarious thoughts' and I thought I'd be able to think through your brain for a little bit, and figured my cell phone is tucked safely in my bra and then I snapped out of it.

And oreos? Try *golden* oreos. Much better than normal everyday mortal oreos.

Janna said...

Whall: Ack! Golden Oreos are so plain, so bland, so ordinary! If I'm going to have a rock-hard cookie that grates on my teeth like sandpaper, at least let it be chocolate. :)