Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thirteen things the letters NCIS could stand for

1. Never Choose Instant Sanity
2. Need Colonoscopy? Internet Search!
3. Near Canada I Shiver
4. Norman's Charmin Is Squeezed
5. Nap Constantly! Infinite Sleep!
6. Nerds Can Invent Software
7. New Children Imitate Slugs
8. Nestle Chocolate Is Sweet
9. Nematodes Congregate In Seawater
10. Needles Can Inject Stuff
11. 'Net Connection: Intermittent Sobbing
12. Nasty Colons Internally Squirm
13. Nerf Crap Is Soft


whall said...

Neet Calms Itchy Skin

Ninth Court Idles Suit

Neena Cherry In "____ Stance"

Newcomer Connick Imitates Sinatra

Nancy Cartwright Is Simpson.

North Carolina Irks Sooners.

"Nubile Cartman," In Southpark.

"Neanderthal Caveman Island" Survivor

Mik said...

Nunchuks Crush Ignorant Salamander


Sorry the "S" part got away form me!

Kyle McHattie said...

No Candy Is Safe

Faiqa said...

No Crying in Sacramento.
That's all I could come up with. You guys took all the good ones.

Evil Genius said...

Personally I like #8. A LOT.

How about:

Noisy Cats In Stereo! (Can you tell I have two cats?) LOL

Da Old Man said...

Never Crap In Sinks
Good advice, too

Marilyn said...

Noodles Can't Install Cheese.

People have to do that.

Janna said...

Whall: Nice! I especially like the one about Connick and Sinatra.

Mik: That's why it's so important for salamanders to get out of the way.

Kyle: Especially chocolate!

Faiqa: Is it ok to cry in San Francisco?

EvilGenius: I have three cats right now and they're definitely a handful. I totally understand the "stereo" thing.

DaOldMan: I should probably put that on a post-it note and keep it on the bathroom mirror...

Marilyn: It would be so much more convenient if they would do it themselves!

Travis said...

Nutty Clown Is Scary.

Janna said...

Travis: And he's right behind you!