Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sedimentary legume hockey with frosting

It's about two in the morning and I JUST got back from ABC group.
My brain is fried from an overdose of yummy pasta alfredo, plus there was a lengthy conversation about computer stuff which I barely understood. I have perfected the art of staring off into the distance while remembering to blink occasionally.
I can barely string together coherent words into sentences, and I have to get up for work in less than six hours.
Electric squash temple. Mellifluous sidewinder packet. Light amphibian jockstrap sale.
Here... maybe I should just post a picture.



Evil Genius said...

I've been up since 4:00 this morning. Superfluous giddy hot diggity boo.

whall said...

Oh sure, flaunt your excessive sleep schedule. Did you know that at least 27.5% of your post makes sense, which is about 20% more than bluetastic flibbity gibbits? Poffa-locka-smeekaboink.

Gwenhwyfar said...

I think book technology is sadly lacking in the key recovery department. We really aught to work on that. Don't you think?

Marilyn said...

So, you are over your cold then?

Janna said...

EvilGenius: Take a nap! You've earned it!

Whall: I feel the need to point out that bluetastic flibbity gibbits are delicious, so it doesn't really matter whether they make sense or not.

Gwen: I concur!

Marilyn: Almost! Allllmooost!!!

Travis said...

Light amphibian jockstrap sale.

I actually understood that one. That might be a problem.

Janna said...

Travis: Kermit likes to buy the light ones when they're on sale.