Friday, September 26, 2008

Don't forget to give me your password

Today's doodle theme is "Envy".

I love my new computer. I've had it for a few months now, and it works wonderfully. So now I don't have to envy you, sitting there at home with your cool up-to-date machines.
Well, I take that back.
There's still one thing I can envy.
You see, I'm still on dial-up.
Yes. I'll pause for a second while you all pity me.
(Hey, I said "pity", not "snicker".)
Anyway, it would be cool if you would have mercy on me and let me live with you so I can use your high-speed internet while you're busy doing other stuff.
Additional Janna news:
Yesterday I mentioned that I am sick, and I lost my voice.
You will all (maybe) be thrilled to hear that I found it. It was on the bottom shelf of the freezer.
It's always in the last place you look.
Nevertheless, rest assured that I am still coughing, sneezing, wheezing, blowing my nose, and horking up snot. My voice has that stereotypical "Oh, doe, I'b got a code" sound.
While driving home this evening, I spontaneously made up a parody of Elvis's "I'm All Shook Up", called "I'm All Stuffed Up."
I sang it (In true Elvis style) while hurrying home in a desperate attempt to make it to the bathroom in time.
By the way...
There comes a time in every woman's life, perhaps around the age of, oh, I don't know, 38 or so, when maybe she is sick and sniffling and sneezing and horking up snot, when she will inevitably hear herself think these words:
"Ohmygod, I just coughed so hard that I peed my pants".


whall said...

You can use my internet. I get 22MB download and 2MB upload and I share my wireless for about 1000' with high-gain antennas. In fact, I bet you could pitch a tent somewhere on the property and I point and tell the kids "see, that's a janna. say it with me. jaaah. naaaah. feed it only once a day, and make sure it always has the tea trough filled"

Janna said...

Whall: I only get fed once a day? Can I have ice cubes and a straw for my tea trough? And maybe a lid?

Tim said...

Ah, dialup. I feel so bad for you.
We have satellite internet. It is almost high speed. All my friends have real internet, in town.

Anonymous said...

Well, we have high-speed internet (dropped dial-up 8 years ago)and a wireless network throughout the house plus 4 computers; the "guest" bed is being delivered next week - so I guess what I'm saying is - Drop by any time...we are a short walk from the most awesome Italian bakery - I'll buy you a cannoli and a cappuccino!

Evil Genius said...

If I ever lose my cable ISP I think I'll probably wither away into nothingness. High speed internet has completely spoiled me for anything else. My folks still have dial-up, and whenever I do anything on my dad's computer I find myself fidgeting and tapping my feet and fingers and otherwise going NUTS waiting for pages to load.

You're welcome to come use our ISP while we're sleeping. But beware of the cats. I have no idea what they do out here at night, but my guess is it's probably pretty annoying.

lost said...

Found u through XUP's lov list.
Am lovin what I see:-

Steven said...

You can use my computer anytime...just not when you are sick and peeing in your pants.

Janna said...

Tim: I would gladly settle for "almost high speed".

BroadwayMatron: I get my own bed AND a cannoli? Cool!!

EvilGenius: No problem. I'm used to cats who lead strange lives in the middle of the night.

Lost: Yay! Thanks for visiting! Come back soon!

Steve: You could line the chair with Saran Wrap or something.

Mo said...

So, in "additional Janna news"... when are you going to spill the additional beans?

Sanni said...

Dial up isn't too bad... see, my highspeed connection went back to dial-up a few days ago... and I'm still here... not angry or something... I won't kill the guy who will come to get the thingy repaired... I won't... okay... eventually... but *ssssh* not before it will work again:

Hope you will feel better soon!

Maddy said...

I don't let anyone get near my keyboard!

Janna said...

Morgen: Not sure whether I will or not.

Sanni: Don't be afraid to look up "Mafia Hitmen" in the yellow pages. They'll do all the dirty work FOR you.

Maddy: So what you're saying is I'll have to break into the house while you're asleep, and lock you into your bedroom, and barricade the door so you can't get out? Ok... fair enough. Don't forget to give me your password.

Marilyn said...

Now I'm all curious about the beans. I like black beans. Matt-man is going to send me a new recipe for them. If we put enough hot sauce on them they might clear your sinuses.

Get better soon!

Janna said...

Marilyn: I thought of that, and tried a bunch of hot stuff to clear out my sinuses... but it didn't work. I was so disappointed.