Thursday, August 21, 2008

After all, the cookies are addictive enough already

It would be really sad if the Keebler elves ended up having a meth lab in their hollow tree, because that would mean they've been neglecting the quality of their cookies all this time.


ablondeblogger said...

How did you find out about the meth lab? Now they'll have to kill you you know? :)

Meloncutter said...

New line of cookies and crackers.


All made with a little Elfin Magic.

I thought them little friggin elves just seemed too damned rambunctious.

Damn. Another Icon fallen from grace.

Later Y'all.

whall said...

Have you seen Faces of Meth?

google it or watch it on youtube

Anonymous said...
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Evil Genius said...

So THAT's how they can keep their cookie factory running 24/7!!!!

And I bet that's what caused them to wear those pointy shoes, too.

Marilyn said...

You'd think the tree would have a little more bling with all that cash rolling in.

Wavemancali said...

Completely unrelated to this post, excuse the tangent.

I've been thinking of trying to learn guitar... with this in mind I want to relearn how to read and write music which has escaped my mind from grade school clarinet.

As such I'd want some music notation software with which to properly write music on the computer when the time comes.

Remembered past blog posts of yours where you mention you are musically inclined.

Thought you may appreciate this free open source software for music notation.

That is all.

Continue with crack cookie stories.

Travis said...

I've never had a bad box of Keeblers, so I suspect the meth lab business is an urban legend.

Janna said...

BlondeBlogger: It's ok. I've lived a semi-long life. I can die semi-happy.

Melon: What would be cool is if all the elves went on Ritalin.

Whall: Actually, YES, I saw that a couple weeks ago. Pretty sick, huh?

EvilGenius: Either that or really bad fashion sense.

Marilyn: Maybe one of them is pilfering the profits!

Wavemancali: How thoughtful! Actually I'm happy with the notation software I'm currently using, but maybe someone else will like to use the online stuff instead. Thanks for the info, and good luck with the guitar!

Travis: We can only hope!