Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jannaical Twitterings

Time for another potpourri of my Twitters!
Note: "Jannaical" rhymes with "manaical."
(How appropriate!)

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Here are the ones I've selected to remember fondly for today:

1. I'm craving lemons. I just farted. I don't think there's a correlation. 02:49 PM July 06, 2008

2. Mornings are like salt on a paper cut. 04:14 AM July 08, 2008

3. You will all be glad to know that my armpits do not stink right now. I just checked. 11:03 PM July 09, 2008

4. I love how quiet the world is at one in the morning. Except when I hear my cat barfing on the carpet in the living room. 11:58 PM July 09, 2008

5. It's going to rain. I just ate a twix bar. My foot itches. La la la la. I think i'm on a sugar high. Bzzzzzz!!! Look! Something shiny! 05:08 PM July 10, 2008

6. People are strange. Am I a person? 05:44 PM July 10, 2008

7. Janna the insomnia queen has stayed awake all night yet AGAIN! When do I start getting cash prizes for this? Will you give me fifty bucks? 03:30 AM July 11, 2008

8. Doing Sudoku, dreaming of blueberries, and realizing I need a shower. You know. The usual summer stuff. 12:26 PM July 11, 2008

9. Note to self: If you have a bunch of diced watermelon AND a bottle of tea AND a bottle of water, you will have to pee really bad later on. 05:01 PM July 11, 2008

10. If anyone out there has a social life, can I borrow some of it? I've been sitting home alone for two days. I think my ceiling just spoke. 03:07 PM July 12, 2008

11. Insane, lonely, and thirsty. 11:26 PM July 12, 2008

12. Looking around and wondering why I'm not in bed sleeping. 02:58 AM July 13, 2008

13. It took me twelve hours to connect to the Internet today. Twelve hours!!! I hate my ISP. 07:22 PM July 13, 2008


whall said...

I wanna know what manaical means. Is it it the method of being from Jannaica? And is that near Jamaica? Because if you were following the epistomological roots and suggested appending of letters, I would think you'd use Jannaican.


Marilyn said...

Your twitterings are so much more interesting than mine. I have no social life or I'd give you mine.

Wait! I went to lunch with a freind the other day. Wow. I'll see if he'll agree to move to Michigan. Okay? Warning though. He worships Thoth and talks about it a lot. Also, he seems to think 9-11 didn't really happen. Other than that, he's pretty grounded.

Janna said...

Whall: As much as I love frozen tropical drinks and Jamaican accents, I am going to stay away from there because it is WAY too hot. Jannaical may not follow the word-rules one would expect, but it is really fun to say. Especially after having a few frozen tropical drinks.

Marilyn: Thoth? ... Really?

Travis said...

I'll bet we could develop an entire language from your name. It seems quite flexible.

Mo said...

Yup, this twitter phenomena is just beyond me.

Janna said...

Travis: Feel free to create the dictionary!

Morgen: It's fun! It's a good way to write something quick and spontaneous without having to do an entire blog post. I like it!