Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Janku 5

Here's the post that explains what a Janku is,
and here are all the previous Janku posts.

Here are today's Janku:

Full of water,
Tea, soda, and punch
I will pee a lot tonight
Too tired
Can't entertain this
Invisible polar bear
Silly moth, flying off
Again, again
Into the brightest hot lightbulb
Round chewable joy
Surrounded by warm contentment
I can see
Through the plastic wrap
Your balls are shiny today


Mo said...

Memo to self: remember to wear the aluminum foil shorts instead of the saran wrap ones around Janna...

Evil Genius said...

The last one totally cracked me up. Thanks, I needed that!

Travis said...

I always wanted an invisible polar bear. Now I'm jealous.

Janna said...

Morgen: Plus, then the government won't be able to read what your balls are thinking.

EvilGenius: Excellent!

Travis: I might be willing to part with him... for a price.