Friday, July 18, 2008

If you ever see all four together, run away

Today's doodle theme is "evil".
There are a lot of different ways to depict this, of course.
I decided to just go ahead and tell the truth.



whall said...

Is this like the 3 pieces of the Man-Elf crown in Hellboy II that, when married together, form a force of destruction that controls the indestructible Golden Army?

Except these 4 control a jello-powered oatmeal cart that can ram into the side of your car repeatedly, no matter where you part? Cuz that would be pretty evil if you ask me.

whall said...

um, *park*

Broadwaymatron said...

Well, I'll go with ya on 3 of the 4 - I like onions tho they stink up my house and with all this heat and humidity - I suffer because I must must open all the windows to get rid of the smell - so maybe onions are evil in a small way...("It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..GAG")

Angry said...

If they're the components of evil, then we need the recipe of evil.

Take 1 Barney,
stuff it with onions,
douse it liberally in high priced gas
apply heat with a touch of moisture and stand back and watch Barney squirm... after which you may like to eat him.

Travis said...

In a pinch, you can sub in SpongeBob for Barney.

Janna said...

Note to self: Rent Hellboy II.
Note to self 2: Avoid oatmeal.

BroadwayMatron: Onions are the most horrible things in the universe. Even worse than pig poop and bird flu.

Angry: Oooooh! Yessss!

Travis: Somehow I don't mind SpongeBob all that much.... though I haven't really watched his show. I mean, I haven't watched Barney either, but somehow he still found a way to worm into my brain anyway.
Which is why he must die.

Mo said...

So if you put TOO MUCH onion on Barney and then put in in a dutch oven for some heat and humidity for a few hours, will even more of your best friends be saying "holy crap, can I have this recipe?"

Janna said...

Morgen: Well, some of my best friends DO like peculiar things... :)