Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gasp! Choke!

(Long gasping choking sound)
Okay! Okay! I get it! You guys hate the Janku.
As of 1:16 in the afternoon, there are still zero comments on my most recent Janku post. Yikes.
Why such disdain? Is Janku the red-headed stepchild of poetry?
I, um.... ahem.... I still have a lot more I've written, so, uh.... this could get ugly. We can fight to the death if you want. You'll probably win. Please scatter my ashes in Canada somewhere.
On a completely unrelated note.....
There's a new kind of Pringles out there called "Pringles Extreme: Blazin' Buffalo Wing."
I tried some, and here's my official opinion, as a connoisseur of the hot and spicy:
They hardly have any seasoning at all, and what IS there is certainly NOT hot or "blazin'" or "extreme" in any way. Very plain and nondescript, almost bland.
Pringles, shame on you.
If I become really bored in the produce department someday, I plan to make a life-size statue of Johnny Depp using nothing but raw vegetables. (Guess where the two brussels sprouts go!)


Travis said...

My only excuse for not leaving a commnet on the Janku is that I hadn't read them yet.

Meloncutter said...

What about the seedless cucumber?

Later Y'all.

Janna said...

Travis: You could go back in the time machine and read them....

Melon: Unless he's eaten soy, in which case it would be a baby carrot.

Mo said...

I saw "extreme" on the pringles can in the store and thought of you.
Bessie and I think the guacamole pringles are actually quite tasty (and spicy - go ahead, laugh!)

Janna said...

Morgen: Spicy??? Ohmygod. Bland! Bland, I say!!! One of these days you are going to HAVE to try a bowl of my chili. I insist.