Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eating The Jannaverse

Awhile back, I blogged about my desire to have a sandwich named after my blog.
I have come up with something.
After extensive research, I have decided that these are the components of a Jannaverse sandwich:

1. Rye Bread. I used to hate rye bread, but now I love it. I've especially gotten hooked on rye Triscuit crackers with cheese. Yum. If you really truly hate rye, though, I'll let you substitute another kind of bread instead. Even plain old sub buns would work well.

2. Swiss cheese slices. I recommend using actual swiss cheese instead of processed.... it's so much better that way. If someday you are stuck in a cave with no alternative but to use processed cheese, I promise not to say anything.

3. Thin deli-sliced oven roasted chicken. (I used Hillshire Farms, but you could use any brand you wanted. I noticed it's harder to find chicken than turkey, for some reason. I wonder why? Chicken tastes better, in my opinion, so I'm surprised turkey is more commonly offered. Turkey is more low-fat; maybe that has something to do with it.)

4. Sharp cheddar cheese slices. (The sharper the better. See previous note about using real cheese vs. processed cheese. Hey, velveeta has its places, but this sandwich is not one of them. Try it in chili dip instead. Velveeta mixed with a can of chili, melted together in the microwave. Simple but surprisingly good. Dip potato chips in it! It's like chili cheese fries!)

5. Thin deli-sliced ham. (Again I used Hillshire Farms. I liked the fact that it came in a big resealable tub. Plus it was tasty and was sliced super-thin. I admit it's a bit more expensive than the thicker-sliced ham sandwich meat. If you need to, go ahead and get something cheaper. Or, if you're dating the deli guy, get him to slice up something special just for you.)

6. Sliced hot banana peppers. That's right. You heard me. The hotter the better. Don't let me catch you using the mild kind. Really, these things aren't all that hot at all, so you should certainly be able to handle them. They're also good on pizza. Try them! Also, during my web search for a picture to use, I saw jars of pickled habanero peppers! Those would be amazing!

7. Honey mustard and/or vinaigrette. You could even kill two birds with one stone and find a bottle of honey mustard vinaigrette. Peppercorn vinaigrette is really good too. Just a touch. Enough to give the sandwich a zesty twinge of savory flavor, but not so much that it sogs up the bread. (Note: All Canadian/Australian/British readers, please pretend that I just wrote "savoury flavour" instead.)

8. (Optional) Hot crispy bacon slices (Just because there are very few things bacon can not improve. I tried it and it was DELICIOUS. If your arteries are already slamming shut just by reading this, feel free to skip the bacon and just fantasize about it instead.)

Form the ingredients together into a sandwich, and there you go.
I've tried it with the bread toasted, I've tried it with the entire sandwich grilled (add the peppers and dressings afterward), and I've tried it untoasted. It's good either way. Pick your favorite and run with it.

Alternative possibilities:

A) If you really truly must be a wuss, you can leave off the hot peppers. The sandwich is then called an "Alternate Jannaverse".

B) Lettuce does not belong on sandwiches. Mayo belongs nowhere in the universe (barf). I would really prefer that lettuce and mayo never touch this sandwich. But if you absolutely must include them, please do it when I'm not looking. The sandwich is then known as an "Evil Alternate Jannaverse".
Bon appetit!


Marilyn said...

Lately I've been haveing mayo on crusty rolls with tomatoes and smoked gouda...toasted under the broiler. I guess it would be the More Evil Than Average.

Janna said...

Marilyn: Oooh, that sounds good, except for the mayo. I could try it with a drizzle of vinaigrette after it had broiled. Or maybe without any dressing at all... or.... OMG! Let's put BACON on it!

TrixieTaxi said...

I KNEW I couldn't possibly be the only American that couldn't stand the thought of mayo on every-effin-thing that's sold in this country!! God bless you Janna. I can die a happy woman now knowing it isn't just me.

I mean, really. Who decided this? Fuckers.

Travis said...

Hmmmmm. I must go for the Alternate Jannaverse, because as you know I am a wuss when it comes to spicy. Just can't do it.

But I like all the other fixins! We have a trip to the grocery scheduled, so perhaps we'll have to pick some of this up and see how it goes.

Evil Genius said...

I can't stand mayo either! But then I also don't like meat.

But I'd love your rye bread toasted with some honey dijon and swiss cheese. Yum!

Meloncutter said...

I would guess for something to go with your JANNAWICH, you would need something to drink, maybe, JANNAJUICE, (maybe something blueberry since you should be picking them soon.) but it would need on the side maybe a some habenero potato salad with a blazing hot dill pickle canned with habeneros. Call it a JANNICLE.

Maybe you should open a JANNAURANT.

Later Y'all.

Janna said...

Trixietaxi: Yay! We are not alone! We must band together and make prank phone calls to the Miracle Whip headquarters!

Travis: Let me know how it goes!

EvilGenius: Don't forget the bacon. Oh... wait...

Meloncutter: Instead of a MENU I could have a JANU!

Jamie said...

Now that does sound like a marvelous sandwich. Some alteration that would allow grilling like a Reuben could be worked out.

Now for the Jamie at the next table

REally good chewy Sourdough

Spread softened cream cheese

Sliced Avocadoes drizzled with Italian dressing

Sliced fresh roasted Turkey

Bean sprouts if you are feeling Californian or heat it up with some peppers.

Marilyn said...

Everything's better with bacon.... the Jamie sounds darned good too. We need a deli that serves blogger sandwiches.

Janna said...

Jamie: Love the sourdough and the turkey and the italian dressing... and even the bean sprouts. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of cream cheese or avocados. Sounds like Marilyn would like to try it, though!

Marilyn: We could open a cafe called the "Blog Spot". Of course, then Google would sue us.

Marilyn said...

I love avocados and cream cheese on a sandwich.

Darned Google is such a spoilsport. What if we made it an internet cafe and made google the official search engine? Hey Google people! Are you listening?

Janna said...

Marilyn: They would end up owning us and our loved ones and our DNA and our pets and our pets' DNA. Plus we would all be required to have the Google logo tattooed on our bodies in at least three places.

Marilyn said...

You mean you don't already?

Janna said...

Marilyn: I'm considering Taco Bell instead; they pay more. Plus I get free chalupas for life if the tattoo site becomes infected!

Mo said...

What would you have done if I hadn't given you the name "Jananverse"?
Damn, I should've copy-wrighted it so I could get royalties.

Janna said...

Morgen: Too late! Bwa ha hahahaha.... Thank you, though. I'll try to remember to mention you in the opening credits of my book somewhere. Or on the menu of my restaurant.