Monday, July 28, 2008

Custom-made storms, just for you

Choose your own storm by picking from the components below:

* Soy Sauce
* Iced tea
* Cranberry Juice
* Elmer's Glue
* Toilet Cleaner

* Recordings of opera
* Lions roaring
* Space shuttle being launched
* Darth Vader breathing
* 100 accordions falling down a mine shaft

* Lavender scent
* Grapefruit scent
* Freshly-opened-bag-of-potato-chips scent
* Fried shrimp scent
* My farts

* Pizza rolls
* Cocktail wieners
* Charcoal briquettes
* Aspirin
* AA batteries


Shelli said...

You are weird. But here's mine...

Iced tea
Lions roaring

Meloncutter said...

Hmmmmm.... I will take one with Soy Sauce (because I want it small), Darth Vader Breathing (regularity always helps), One of your farts (that could have worked for thunder too) and a couple of aspirin.

Later Y'all.

crazy working mom said...

Well, I liked the wind 'till I got the the last ingredient. Can we leave that one out? I have enough of my own to go around. *LOL*

Mariposa said...

Funny...but here is mine;

Iced tea
lions roaring
lavender scent

Janna said...

Shelli: Of COURSE I'm weird. It's how I manage to keep from going crazy.

Melon: Just be glad my farts don't also qualify as hail.

CrazyWorkingMom: You only need to pick ONE from each category. So, yes, choose any of the other four options in the wind category. I prefer grapefruit, myself.

Mariposa: Hey! That's exactly what Shelli said! You two could share storms!

Ivanhoe said...

I'd choose iced tea, Darth Vader, lavender and coctail wieners. Ha! That was fun!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Okay very interesting mine would be:
Cranberry Juice,
Lions roaring
Graoefruit scent
pizza rolls

Marilyn said...

Cranberry juice
and Pizza rolls

Can I have the pizza rolls on the side and could you get the juice to fall into a glass? I'll get the accordians after the storm. At least they are safely in the mine shaft. What do they go for on e-bay?

Travis said...

I'll have an iced tea with lions roaring a grapefruit scent over charcoal briquettes please.

Oh...I used your graphic and forgot to give you a credit, so I'll take care of it on Tuesday's post. Sorry about that!

Janna said...

Ivanhoe: Excellent!

SassyMamaBear: Also excellent.

Marilyn: If you stand outside and hold up a glass, some of it is bound to fall in the glass eventually. The accordions will hopefully be smashed into kindling. Anyone got a match?

Travis: Grapefruit! My favorite! And congrats on being the first person to choose charcoal briquettes!

Wayne said...

Soy Sauce...
Darth Vader breathing....
Fried Shrimp scent.....
And Pizza Rolls!

Janna said...

Wayne: Congratulations on being the first person to choose the Fried Shrimp scent!

Mo said...

The charcoal briquettes hit my head as I ran against the grapefruit scent as the lions roared overhead and then I stepped in toilet cleaner.

Janna said...

Morgen: I bet you're the first NON-high person to ever say that.