Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My 1000th Post

This is my one-thousandth post!

If you're reading this, that means my new computer is working properly. :)

There were a couple brief moments of frustration while hooking everything up, but the majority of it went smoothly enough.

Ways in which my cyber-life rapidly changed today:

Before: Windows 98, the FIRST edition.
Now: Windows XP. (I've been warned to stay away from Vista)

Before: Pentium II processor.
Now: Intel Celeron E1200 1.6Ghz LGA 775 65W Dual Core processor. (Important note: I have no clue what any of that means; I'm simply copying it off the piece of paper here).

Before: One of those giant cumbersome monitors that is the size of a TV set.
Now: One of those cool-looking flat monitors! It takes up hardly any space, yet the screen appears huge!

Before: 13.5 Gig hard drive.
Now: My uncle built this for me, custom made, and I don't fully understand this, but he says it has two separate hard drives on it, sort of. The C-drive is purposely kept relatively small so it will run Windows fast and efficiently. But then there's the D-drive, which has 80 Gigs of space. Eighty! I realize there are even larger ones out there, but still, wow!

Before: CDrom that wouldn't work any more. Couldn't listen to CD's, couldn't utilize software.
Now: Brand new CD and DVD player, which not only PLAYS stuff but can actually write stuff onto disks too. I'm listening to a CD right now, as I type this.

I realize that the rest of humanity already had this technology in their homes many years ago. Finally I seem to have caught up. :) From what I understand, there is other stuff out there too, like fire and the wheel, that I might also like to explore.

I plan on spending the evening exploring just what else this marvelous machine can do. I also plan on visiting blogs and websites I couldn't visit before, because they kept freezing up the old computer. Facebook was particularly frustrating because it would inevitably freeze up whenever I scrolled down a page. Yahoo would give me trouble a lot too.

So, here goes! Wish me well!

Oh, and did I mention this is my 1000th post? :)

Nice coincidence, that my thousandth post just happened to be my very first post on the new computer.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when my Thursday Thirteen list will be a tribute to my friend Ed.


Tug said...

CONGRATS on 1000!!! AND the new toy - isn't it FUN?

Janna said...

Tug: It is fun and challenging. I am having to learn lots of new stuff, and re-learn lots of stuff I thought I already knew!

Meloncutter said...

Wow. New stuff. I bet your are more excited than a two peckered preacher in a titty bar.

Maybe we can chat sometime.

Later Y'all.

Lynda said...

Did your uncle say partition?

Congrats on the new computer! I bet you will be really happy with it.

metalmom said...

You spent the bulk of the day with one hand on the monitor and the other in your pants,didn't you?

Janna said...

Meloncutter: If I had two peckers, I wouldn't choose preaching as a profession....

Lynda: Yes... yes, I'm pretty sure I heard the word "partition" in there somewhere. Does that mean anything? Can you explain?

Metalmom: I can neither confirm nor deny.

Travis said...

Happy 1000 posts and congrats on the new computer!

**tosses confetti and flaming walnuts while juggling leprechauns and singing in the rain**

Janna said...

Travis: Yay! Flaming walnuts!