Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The day has arrived

Today is the day I pick up my new computer.
I'll be setting it up either today or tomorrow.
Here's hoping I can figure it out.
If you never hear from me again, it can only mean one of the following:

1) My new computer is not compatible with my brain waves.
2) My cats got jealous and peed on the new computer, shorting it out and leaving me without a window into cyberspace.
3) I got hit by a semi on the way to pick up the computer.
4) I got hit by a semi on the way home.
5) I got hit by a puny little motorbike, but it really packed a punch because it was traveling over 80 mph.
6) I am SO TIRED after staying up all night that I crashed into bed and am still sleeping.
7) I got so frustrated trying to hook the thing up, that I collapsed in a gelatinous heap on the floor and can now only utter simple monosyllabic words.


metalmom said...

Or a ghost came through the monitor and scared you death and you're laying on the floor in front of the new computer!

Janna said...

Metalmom: That too!

Travis said...

There are advantages to missing a few days reading blogs. One of those is that I saw several other posts in my reader, so I know you survived!

Janna said...

Travis: Awwww, that totally ruins the suspense!