Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thirteen Things The Letters TCB Could Stand For

1. The Covered Basket...
2. Three Charlie Browns....
3. Twin Clumsy Blondes
4. Turtle Caramel Brownies
5. Trisexual Convinces Brad...
6. Tricky Conniving Brat
7. Terribly Creamy Bowels
8. Testicles Come Behind
9. Turpentine Chemical Burns
10. Trapezoid Circle Box
11. Toxic Churning Brew
12. Triple Castration Bereavement
13. Try Canadian Buttholes


Anonymous said...

Oh! Oi! That one made me flinch on multiple occasions. Umm... OUCH!


Travis Cody said...

Now if you had made the letters BCT, we could have had Bacon Cheesy Tacos!

whall said...

Here are mine, but they're in a specific order.

Timid Cowardly Beavers
Teach Clown Beheading
To Clooney But
Take Crunchy Break
'tween Classes. Befriending
The Children Belonging
To Charles Barkley,
Tall Charismatic Ballpayer,
Two Catholic Bishops
Try Chocolate Baptism,
Traditional Church Belief.
Tijuana Calls, Boy.

Janna said...

Jason: Was it the Triple Castration Bereavement or the Terribly Creamy Bowels?

Travis: And Blueberry Colon Therapy!

Whall: I'm not one of those people who freaks out over clowns, but still, it might be fun if all major universities Taught Clown Beheading.

Mo and The Purries said...

Toenail Clippings Burrito

Janna said...

Morgen: That would be painful to fart...