Friday, May 23, 2008

Start getting your "chuck" lists ready!

Business ideas which will
hopefully make me rich:

1. If woodchucks really can chuck wood, I hope I can hire them to chuck it at people I don't like. Certainly everyone else would like the opportunity to avail themselves of this as well. In fact, I could build an evil empire of woodchucks, who would gladly hone their deadly chucking skills. I could arrange "business" opportunities for them, and would take a healthy percentage of their pay in exchange for my efforts. In no time at all, I could be the Godfather (Godmother?) of the woodchuck mafia.

2. I could make "Band-Aids with Salt", to cater to the masochists among us. The extra-strength version could include salt AND lemon juice.

3. Start a rumor that the hottest new craze is to have an eyebrow right above your belly button. I could then open a clinic which would clone one of your existing eyebrows right above the area in question. For an additional fee, I could clone the other one onto your left butt cheek or something.

If you're not interested in an eyebrow above your belly button, perhaps you would prefer this tattoo there instead:

(Note to self: Open tattoo clinic.)


Travis said...

The Woodchuck Mafia?

Janna said...

Travis: It's no use feigning ignorance; they've told me stories about you.

Meloncutter said...

Please tell me that is not a picture of your belly button.

Later Y'all.

Meloncutter said...

P.S. if it is..... the striped panties/undies are kind of different. How many sets of them do you have?

Later Y'all again.

WillThink4Wine said...

Hmmm... monkey-butt guy is quite the catch, eh?

Janna said...

Meloncutter: Alas, it is not mine. Actually, I imagined it could easily be something YOU would do.

WillThink4Wine: I bet he's a real hit at parties.

Trukindog said...

Can I be in charge of the Woodchuck Mafia Penssion fund? long do Woodchucks live anyway?

Marilyn said...

Is a woodchuck anything like a beaver?

Janna said...

Trukindog: Woodchucks in the mafia probably don't live as long as ones in the wild. Sad but true.

Marilyn: Close, but no cigar! (ohhh, man, I could make a really cool Clinton/Lewinsky joke right here, but I'll refrain.)