Monday, May 19, 2008

Manic Monday: Play

Today's theme is "play," so of course my mind went straight to music. I have many musical instruments in my living room, and here are four of them:

There's a keyboard, a harp, a single F-horn, and a cello.

The single horn is the same one I started learning when I was 12. There is also a double horn in my living room, as well as an alto recorder and a hammered dulcimer.
The harp is the same one I've been playing since I was 16.
I bought the keyboard in college, but have been playing keyboard instruments since I was 7.
I don't play cello yet, though I really want to learn.

Perhaps someday I can invent new instruments for people to play.
Like these, for example:

1. Prodded Snorkelphone (combination of a snorkel, a cattle prod, and a cell phone)
2. Wonderboard (combination of a piano keyboard and a loaf of Wonder bread)
3. Plasticat (life-size plastic replica of a cat. Just be careful which end you blow into)
4. Ouchdammit (device which uses duct tape to rip off chest hair. Hey, it may not be musical, but it's great if the chest hair used to belong to someone who really pissed you off.)


anthonynorth said...

The only instrument I play is a guitar, which I used to punish in my youth in a local rock band.
There was a marvellous TV ad not so long ago in the UK with a cell phone ring tone orchestra. It was quite good.

Jamie said...

Absolutely love your prospective orchestra. Don't forget the

Sinkaloud - The grinding you can only get from a spoon in the garbage disposal

Mowaplop - lawnmower chopping up neighborhood dog deposits

and the

Pundipoo - The explosive sound emerging from political prognosticators.

Meloncutter said...

Have you considered taking up other instruments? Like the Bonerphone, the Peterflute or the tromboner?

I have been known in my time to blow on a few jugs.

We kind of ran along the same lines this week. LOL

I love the sound of the cello. Since you play the harp, does that make you a Harpoonist?

Later Y'all.

the teach said...

Didn't know you had all that talent, Janna! I mean musical talent... I know your talented in other ways! :D

metalmom said...

If you play the harp now for fun, will it be like work when you go to heaven?

Desert Songbird said...

I've always regretted not sticking with instrument lessons. The only instrument I play now is the voice.

Travis said...

I've always admired people who are musical. Sadly, I was never able to learn to play any of the instruments I tried. I gave up after trying drums and stuck with sports.

Janna said...

AnthonyNorth: I'd love to watch a bunch of UK commercials. I bet you guys have a bunch of fun stuff over there.

Jamie: I heard some Pundipoo on NPR this afternoon!

Meloncutter: I am surprised you didn't mention the skinflute. You must be slipping in your old age. :)

Teach: And yet somehow I am still single! WTF?

Metalmom: Me? In HEAVEN? Who are you kidding?

DesertSongbird: Singing is fun too, but my voice comes out too soft because I don't project very well. I'm on-pitch but you can't hear me from more than ten feet away. Heh. :)

Travis: Sports AND dancing, apparently! And cake appreciation!

Gwenhwyfar said...

Holy shit... I now either need to hunt you down and kill you or marry you. Either way I get me a cello and a harp. (You have no idea how much I want to play both.)

Janna said...

Gwen: Well... you could marry me and THEN hunt me down and kill me in my sleep or something. Especially if I snored. Which I think I do.

Gwenhwyfar said...

I like the way you think... life insurance money is just an added bonus.

Janna said...

Gwen: It's cute that you think I have life insurance.