Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A more colorful existence

Wouldn't it be fun if our pee was always the same color as our beverages?
Drink cola, pee brown.
Drink orange soda, pee orange.
Drink grape soda, pee purple.
Drink radioactive waste, pee some strange green glowing stuff that kills half the people in your town.

Vampire pee would probably always be red.
(.... DO vampires pee? Does anyone know?)


Mr. Fabulous said...

No. No bodily functions for vampires.

Didn't you ever go to Sunday School?

Lynda said...

I agree with Fab.

Mo said...

Actually in some vampiric tales they do eliminate wastes via urination.
Otherwise wouldn't they be a little on the 'bloated' side?
No one would think a blood-retaining-vamp would be sexy, now would they?

Hey, it's almost asparagus season in Michigan! Time for "name that smell" when you pee!

DutchBitch said...


It would be a great view in the toilet.. Won't radioactive pee dissolve it though? Just thinking...

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: What else did you learn in Sunday School? Did they teach you about Sculpey?

Lynda: That can only lead to trouble.

Morgen: It seems that since Vampires are no longer human, they wouldn't produce waste in the same way that mortals do. I guess, the more I think about it, I see the blood cocktails turning into pure energy that keeps them alive. Or undead. Or something. I need to start researching this, in case I ever become a vampire.

Dutchy: Good question! That will be next on my research list, right after the vampire thing.

Travis said...

I prefer my vampires without any human bodily issues. They take the blood to stay animated so there shouldn't be any waste.

Robin said...

You know, that would make life better.

Janna said...

Travis: I think that makes sense, actually....

Robin: Exactly!