Monday, January 7, 2008

Things to say when you've suddenly realized you're not wearing any pants

1) There seems to be a slight chill today.
2) I think I left them at Burger King.
3) Now we can go watch cartoons!
4) Oh, I'm wearing them; they're just invisible.
5) I'm changing my name to Michael Jackson
6) Wanna try some finger painting? Oh, wait, that's not your finger...


Travis said...

As long as you have clean underwear you'll be just fine.

Julie said...

Maybe don't shave your legs?

Angry said...

I'm here to check your oil level.
I'm here to check your pool depth.
Please, allow me to point that out to you.
It's my new towel rack.
I'm here to plumb the depths of your mind... or something.
It would appear that I AM happy to see you.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Actually, that IS my finger.

Mo said...

#3, so long as they're not cartoons about janna losing her pants at Burger King!

Lynda said...

I hate when I leave my pants at Burger King!

Becky said...

ya know, pants are overrated.

Marilyn said...

I'm taking notes, just in case.

Pand0ra Wilde said...

"Of course I'm wearing pants! I borrowed these from that homeless Emperor dude down the street."

Janna said...

Travis: Do I have to?

Julie: Or I could shave them at Burger King....

Angry: LOL! Excellent! :)

Mr. Fab: What's it doing in your pants? Oh.... oh. Never mind.

Morgen: But those are the funniest ones!

Lynda: I know!

Becky: Especially in the summertime.

Marilyn: Make copies and distribute them to strangers downtown!

PandOra: ROFL!!!