Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Things I did on New Year's Eve

1) Ate tacos and looked forward to the first farts of 2008.

2) Watched a Harry Potter movie... I think it was The Order Of The Phoenix, but honestly I don't remember. It was the newest one, whatever that is. I liked it. I haven't read any of the HP books, and have only seen about two of the movies (Maybe three). I like what I've seen so far. My favorite character is Snape. Gotta love Alan Rickman.

3) Watched The Simpsons movie. Eh. It was ok. Somehow I'd hoped it would be better. It did have a moment of full frontal nudity, though, so there's a bonus.

4) Watched a few episodes of The Twilight Zone marathon on the Sci-Fi channel. I like The Twilight Zone because it's just as bizarre as I want my blog to be.

5) Attempted to mentally switch from December to January, which always freaks me out every year because it feels like such a huge LEAP.

6) Drank diet redpop, which I realize makes me a wuss. But I redeemed myself by belching loudly enough for Canada and Cuba to hear me. Excuse me, by the way.

7) Drove home at one in the morning, in a terrible snowstorm which had already dumped a dangerous amount of snow on the roads. Nothing had been plowed yet, and travel was definitely hazardous. I shudder to think of people who will try driving drunk on those roads tonight. There will undoubtedly be a ton of accidents.

8) Ate a peanut butter granola bar. Don't worry; it's the kind that's dipped in chocolate, so any potential nutrition is stopped dead in its tracks.

I hope you are all safe and sound, and I wish you all a good year.
Happy 2008.


Cincy Diva said...

I swear Alan Rickman modeled Snape after a really bad drag queen.

I drank real red pop. Your belch was diverted from Cuba by mine. However, Denver woke up and said WTF?

I am watching the Beverly Hillbillies Marathon

Happy Possum Day!

Meloncutter said...

Happy New Year.

I am so proud of you that the first sentence on your first post of the year has the word FART in it. Its going to be a good year.

I hope you new year is your best ever.

I think I heard the belch. I thought it was a mild quake though.

Later Y'all.

Janna said...

CincyDiva: Happy Possum Day to you too! And thank you for diverting my belch. Denver would like to have a word with you.

Meloncutter: Heh! I was hoping you'd be proud of that. :)

Travis said...

You do know that full frontal nudity in a cartoon like the Simpsons doesn't really count, right?

Cindrarella said...

Belching is so fun.

Happy New Year. You still make me laugh a lot.

Time for TGQDC!


hellohahanarf said...

i was so glad that i was not the only one to embrace the first farts and burps of 2008! although instead of tacos i used pork and sauerkraut to get the job done. yum!

hellohahanarf said...

p.s. alan rickman is SO my boyfriend

Janna said...

Travis: It doesn't? Wow. Then my sex life is even more pathetic than I previously thought.

Cindra: I'm glad I make someone out there laugh. :)

Hello: Eww, I'm definitely not a fan of sauerkraut, but I can certainly see how it would encourage some impressive things to billow up! As for dear Alan, I think my favorite thing is is dry, cynical tone of voice. :)

metalmom said...

That was YOU burping??? I thought it was a tear in the time/space continuum!!

Happy New Year, Janna!!

Janna said...

Metalmom: Sorry about the space/time thing. I think it's still 2008.

Mr. Fabulous said...

You think all that snow is bad? I actually considered turning the heat on this morning.

I didn't. But I considered it.

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: How did you ever survive the agony of it all?