Friday, January 25, 2008

Because frozen boogers are worth paying for

I'm here in the frozen state of Michigan, trying to invent a way to bottle all this coldness so I can save it for later. Imagine how wonderful it could be next summer if I had a shelf full of WINTER I could open whenever I wanted. Who needs air conditioning when you can just open up a big bottle of January?

I could sell it and make millions!

You know how wines have vintages, with plenty of connoisseurs to analyze the "good years"? Bottled winters could be the same way.
I could uncork a bottle, take a deep breath until my boogers froze, and sigh happily.

"Ahhhhh, December 2007. That was a good month."


Travis said...

If you figure it out, I'll buy stock in the company.

onionboy said...

Oddly enough, I had a discussion with a friend yesterday about frozen nose hair that I got when it was -10F here yesterday morning.

Desert Songbird said...

Eh. I'll stick with my pleasant 41 degrees F here. Wanna come down and visit?

Mo said...

You're one twisted sister.
If you keep the bottle of January 2008 in your bra, it will thaw you know...

Wayne said...

Wasn't that a great idea? Save the cold for summer!

Anonymous said...

You mean all the hot air from the politicians doing their primary thang didn't thaw out the state?
Guess it's hopeless...sorry...

Janna said...

Travis: Yay! Ok, it's a deal!

Onionboy: Yeah, this morning it was -3. Wind chill of -16.

DesertSongbird: I'm surprised to hear you refer to 41 as "pleasant." I would have thought you'd hate something that cold. 41 is right in my comfort zone!

Morgen: I won't know until I try!

Wayne: It's perfect!

Peggy: They certainly did their best!