Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Things I Did On Halloween:

1) Had a bowl of chili and a chicken sandwich for lunch

2) Tried in vain to renew the contract on my cell phone (there will be an upcoming post about that)

3) Said the following sentence: "Is riboflavin really all THAT important?"

4) Fed and watered the cats

5) Noticed that the trick-or-treaters were ALREADY out at 5:26pm. I thought that seemed rather early. Still, in the spirit of the holidays, I did my best not to hit any of them while driving. I'm nice that way.

6) Listened to Morgen's radio show

7) Said something in the chat room about painting one boob red and one boob green for the holidays

8) Listened to my cat barfing on the carpet

9) Had dry-roasted peanuts and candy corn for dinner (I know, I know), because I didn't feel like making anything

10) Wished I had a friend or two who would invite me over to watch scary movies

11) Wondered why my right hand was twitching for no apparent reason

12) Got a LOT of spam e-mails and pretended they were all secret code from a secret admirer.

13) Discovered that my secret admirer wants me to increase my penis size.


Michael C said...

13 is toooo funny and why do you make #9 sound like that is a bad meal??

Janna said...

MichaelC: It was like the invisible nutrition-nazis were all whispering and pointing at me....

Chuck said...

Candy corn and peanuts actually sound quite delicious. My dog pissed blood tonight...not quite like the cat and carpet thing, but similar.

Janna said...

Chuck: Candy corn and peanuts are yummy because when you chew both of them together at the same time, the texture is just like one of those nut-roll things with nougat in the center. YUM.
Sorry to hear about the dog.

Amanda said...

My secret admirer speaks to me in code, too... That's so weird

Cowboy the Cat said...

I think your secret admirer has been accidentally sending me stuff... Because NOBODY could ever think that I have any use whatsoever for penis enlargement.

Not in the least.



P.S. I don't know web log etiquette, but I like to put things on mine that are interesting to me, so I'm gonna put your blog. If that ain't kosher, I guess I'm not Jewish.

And I'm not, either.

Cowboy the Cat said...
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Cowboy the Cat said...

Accidental double post. Nothing contraversial or interesting, unfortunately.

Deb said...

Great Thursday post! I just posted my Thursday! Three in one!



metalmom said...

Number 10 makes me wish we lived closer. No one likes to watch scary movies with me...or share my beer....or tootsie rolls!

Wayne said...

Red boob, Green boob......that would be interesting!

Anonymous said...

O.K. first... the slow children sign has me laughing hysterically. (And before anyone gets in a huff I have three kids, and I expect them to run, duck, and dodge damn it! They've been warned!)

The secret admirer and the code were great. Next time your S.A. says they want you to get a penis enlargement, just tell them you'll get one of Mr. Fabulous' *ahem* accessories instead.

Travis said...

See now I've been meaning to check on something regarding #4. Because Mr Tucker really doesn't enjoy being watered all that much.

So I wonder...should I reduce the pressure on the garden hose?

Matt-Man said...

Why do you water your cats? Dont they get pissed when they get wet?

Janna said...

Amanda: Does he talk to you about penis size and mortgages and credit offers too?

CowboyTheCat: Thanks for the link! I appreciate it! Come back soon!

Deb: Woo hoo!

Metalmom: You can have all the beer but I would like a few of the Tootsie Rolls. Just a few.

Wayne: Almost sounds like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss book! "One boob, Two boob, Red boob, Green boob."

Square1: Hopefully Fab will see the importance of making my secret admirer happy.

Travis: Yes, unless there's a drought.

Matt-man: No, they piss afterward. Unfortunately.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Why do cats barf all the time. What do you people do to them?

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: They lick their fur to clean themselves... the fur sometimes gets barfed back up in big wet wads known as hairballs. I realize you're a rabbit person and have no clue about any of this. I will be glad to bring you over to the dark side. Just ask.

Leah said...

omigoodness! that was a darn funny Halloween, I have to say... LOL!!

BTW, I'm here because you left me a comment on my blog today (thank you so much!) and I'm giggling like crazy reading your posts.

Janna said...

Leah: Excellent! Welcome!