Friday, November 2, 2007

It's nice to be admired.... I think

Well, if you read yesterday's post, you know all about my secret admirer.
Here are some additional messages I've gotten from him, along with what I believe are the actual meanings he intended:

Actual title of message:
Be a highly trained technology professional

You have so much potential. What the hell are y'doin' sitting there at the computer 24 hours a day when you could be out cavorting around in sexy business suits? Come on. I didn't buy these binoculars for nothing, y'know.

Actual title of message:
Blast away debt in 2007

I'll gladly loan you my gun and ammo as long as you wipe off your fingerprints afterward.

Actual title of messages:
Hot sex with Viagra pills
Don't wait! Make your dick bigger!
Let your penis rule the world

Oops. I didn't realize you're female. Good thing I'm bi-curious.


Anonymous said...

Wow now that's a great secret admirer!

Teri said...

I wonder if he'll send you e-flowers or go for the real thing?

Mo said...

I didn't know that Megadik was your secret admirer, too!

katherine. said...

he is a e-phn two timing scum!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

There is no telling where this will lead!

Wayne said...

Hot sex with Viagra pills
Don't wait! Make your dick bigger!
Let your penis rule the world

ummmm......could you send me the link!

Janna said...

Square1: I think I'm in love.

Teri: I hope they're real!

Morgen: Hey, wait, you're not trying to imply that he's cheating on me, are you?

Katherine: Dammit!

Mr. Fab: If you drive up to Michigan we might be able to plan a threesome.

Wayne: LOL! Awww. I'm sure your penis already rules the world. Or at least a few countries over in Europe. said...

You're welcome.
I will be sending more important messages your way about how you can improve your financial status.
S. Admirer

Janna said...

GoingLikeSixty: I see you also want to sell me cheap prescription drugs from Canada.