Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Over at Jantics.....

I would appreciate your input on THIS,

Your righteous indignation about THIS,

And a solemn nod of agreement about THIS.

Thank you in advance. I love you all. Especially those of you who have left comments, bought me dinner, offered me chocolate, or perjured yourselves for me before a grand jury.


katherine. said...

I was of no help whatsoever.

Travis said...

1. I am not a fan of this.

2. I am righteously indignant on your behalf over this.

3. Ick!

Janna said...

Katherine: It's the thought that counts.

Travis: Really? You're not a karaoke fan? I would've thought exactly the opposite. Somehow the whole DWTS thing makes me think you'd also be into public performance via karaoke. Have you ever tried it? I never have, but I've always wanted to.

Mo said...

Let's see, I HAVE bought you dinner, given you chocolates, and HOW THE HELL did you find out about the perjury??? That was supposed to be a SECRET.
Now I must go into the witness protection program.

Travis said...

Public performance? Who told you I like to have sex in public??

Wait...that's not what you meant?

Now I need to join Mo in the witness protection program.

I love to dance, but I'm not much of a singer. So that's why I don't like karaoke.

Janna said...

Morgen: I have my sources.

Travis: His name isn't Morgen anymore. It's Buffy Jo VanWinkle. Ooops! Dammit, I shouldn't have said that... now he has to change it again.