Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thirteen Signs I Might Be A Boring Person

1) My dinner last night was a bowl of cereal

2) Yesterday's most exciting event: Finding my glasses

3) For fun while I was bored, I drank a bottle of carbonated water and tried to see how many blogger's names I could belch afterward. (Note: It is easer to belch "Fab" than "Mr. Fabulous," but both can be done)

4) I have never done drugs.

5) My favorite hairstyle is a ponytail... and I've worn a ponytail for the past 20 years.

6) I have absolutely no interest in skydiving, bungee jumping, or anything else that pits me against gravity. Gravity's a bitch. I know better.

7) Neither do I have any interest in deep sea diving, outer space, or any other place that only allows me to breathe with specialized equipment that could break at any moment. I enjoy oxygen. I've grown rather fond of it.

8) I really don't like driving faster than 60mph.

9) I can carry on a 5-minute conversation with my cats, just by saying "meow" in various different ways.

10) I know the difference between a melodic minor scale, a natural minor scale, and a harmonic minor scale.... and I will gladly explain them to anyone who shows even the slightest bit of interest.

11) I know the names of at least six Ferengi, and will gladly explain the Star Trek episodes they appeared in.

12) I don't like jam or jelly on toast. I don't like anything on toast except butter. (Well, maybe a little peanut butter once in awhile.)

13) I don't like syrup on waffles, french toast, or pancakes. The only acceptable topping is butter.


Anonymous said...

I knew I was a boring person when at 18 I turned on the radio for the first time in a little bit and thought, "They call this music? This sucks!"

Mr. Fabulous said...


ONwebCHECK said...

a happy TT!

Tug said...

I've never done drugs, but I really want to skydive!

katherine. said...

#9 is a little boring...but the rest...

Lee said...

what!? i'm amazed that you posted a picture of rom and not quark...are you ill? or maybe i should ask, "who are you and what have you done with janna?"

Starrlight said...

Now now...cereal for dinner is not boring. Why it is darn near subversive!

Work with me here, I just finished my cheerios!

Anonymous said...

lee, don't you remember? "Never let family members get in the way of making a profit."

Janna said...

Square1: If it was a rap station, I agree with you.

Mr. Fab: HEY! Wake up!

Onwebcheck: You too!

Tug: I'm not sure which is worse!

Katherine: Why is meowing more boring than cereal?

Lee: I was wondering if anyone would notice that...

Starrlight: Really? No way! My cereal was Cheerios too!

Square1: Very good!!! :)

Robin said...

Sometimes I only put parmesan cheese on my pasta...nothing else.

Marilyn said...

Sounds pretty reasonable to me but I think #13 is illegal in some states. Illegal things are exciting. Too exciting for me anyway.

Janna said...

Robin: That sounds good!

Marilyn: I'm a rebel.