Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Liquid Heat

Those who know me well are aware of my fondness for hot things.
I hate hot weather but I love hot spices and hot sauce.
Occasionally I blog about things I've tried, which aren't quite as hot as they claim to be. I even gave that topic its own category here on the Jannaverse.

But today, I'd like to present to you this list of hot sauces that sound REALLY GOOD to me. Click on them to learn more:

1. Blair's Sudden Death
2. Possible Side Effects3. Tongues of Fire4. Endorphin Rush5. Da Bomb Ground Zero6. Vicious Viper7. Dead Heat8. Brain Damage9. Hellfire & Damnation10. Toxic Waste11. Shark Bite12. Dave's Insanity Sauce (I've tried's good!)
And, last but not least....
13. Hog's Ass
I can hardly wait to try these someday.
They all sound good.
And when was the last time you heard someone say that about a hog's ass?


Cincy Diva said...

Have you tried Sriracha sauce yet?
It's in the Asian aisle at the supermarket. It has nice heat. We put it on everything.

Janna said...

Cincy Diva: YES! I've got a bottle of Sriracha in the fridge right now, in fact! Good stuff! I like it on chicken, and on egg rolls, and other stuff too! :)

katherine. said...

we use a lot of hot salsa as well...but never had Hog's Ass...

Mr. Fabulous said...

Not since I lived on the farm and used to fuck the swine.

Meloncutter said...

Alas... I will have to steer clear of the Hogs Ass. Just the name alone reminds me of the last time my spouse and I had sex some 15 years ago. However I would bet the sauce is much hotter than that event was.

Later Y'all

Turnbaby said...

Brain Damage is okay--it's hot but not my favorite.

Dave's insanity tastes better to me--and yeah it's hot.

Marilyn said...

I think I'm your mirror image. I don't mind a little spice and we always have some Tabasco on hand... but these don't sound that good. Also, I need a how many weeks until winter is over ticker. It's too cold here already.

Lynda said...

We have a hot sauce in our fridge called Stupid Hot. It is made by a local firefighter, who actually works at the station down the street from us.

He had a limited addition one for a while, that was even hotter than Stupid Hot. The best part is when we warn friends, and they still think it is like tabassco and pile it on. I never saw anyone's face turn as red as one of our friends. LOL

Angry said...

"Would you mind passing the Hogg's Ass please?"

Janna said...

Katherine: Let me know if you ever get to try it. :)

Mr. Fab: Wasn't that last Thursday?

Meloncutter: Ouch!

Turnbaby: I LOVE Insanity Sauce!

Marilyn: (gasp!) Say it isn't so!!

Lynda: Oooh, I want some! I want some!

Angry: That's a great sentence to say, isn't it?

Travis said...

**makes note of these to avoid them**

I wish you well in your search for the ultimate in spicy.

Janna said...

Travis: Awww, c'mon! Don't be a wuss! :)

Wayne said...

I love spicy, like in cajun, but can't take the heat.

Janna said...

Wayne: Cajun is yummy, but HOT cajun is best!