Thursday, July 12, 2007


* I am all caught up with answering your Jannaverse comments! Yay! It's fun to answer comments, I just took awhile getting around to it these past few days.

* Last night I went out and bought some BLUEBERRIES! I love blueberries! They're in season right now! Big plump sweet delicious Michigan blueberries!

* I just ate a cheap beef/bean burrito which is going to make me fart later on this evening.

* My back hurts today!

* My sandals are starting to fall apart... I need a new pair.


metalmom said...

I was thinking about farting, but there's no one here to share it with!

Natalie said...

I hate it when a good show falls apart. The replacement is never as satisfying. best of luck on your new sandals.

Meloncutter said...

Someday, I will take you to a cheap mexican restaurant and then later we can fart a duet.

Later Y'all

Janna said...

Metalmom: It's a shame when that happens. Sharing is such a special thing.

Natalie: I re-read your comment quite a few times before I realized you meant "shoe" instead of "show". :) Now I understand! :) Yes, absolutely, I will miss these sandals... they've been good to me.

Meloncutter: Promise?

Travis said...


What? It's just a random thing.

Lynda said...

I thought you were musical. You should be farting all the time!

Janna said...

Travis: Happy New Year!

Lynda: According to my mother, I DO fart all the time, much to her consternation. :)

Desert Songbird said...

Yippee on the blueberries.

Bummer on the sandals.

No comment regarding the fart.


Janna said...

Desert Songbird: But I had hoped ALL my farts would be worthy of comment....