Friday, July 6, 2007

Another hideously misinterpreted song!

In the previous post I mentioned how song lyrics can be misheard sometimes.
In the comments section, Peppermint mentioned that one of her lyrics quandaries involves the folliwing phrase:
"Wrapped up like a douche, another runner in the night."

My eyes lit up in recognition when I read that, because I KNEW the song she was referring to, and I had no idea what the words were supposed to be either!! It really DOES sound like the guy is singing about a douche, and I've always wondered about that.

So I decided to do some research.
I remembered that the preceding phrase is "Blinded by the light," so I Googled that. Eventually I found the correct song.
Apparently the correct words are "Revved up like a DEUCE."

Ahh, ok, now I guess it makes sense.
It still sounds more like "douche", but at least now I know what it's supposed to be saying.

HERE are the lyrics.



Desert Songbird said...

One of the great misunderstoods, it was originally recorded and actually written by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. Of course, I have difficulty understanding The Boss, too. Hubby would shoot me to hear me say that - he is a HUGE Boss fan.

Mr. Fabulous said...

You Phillistines know nothing about Springsteen?

Laura Lee said...

i googled the same song once, because my co worker derek asked me to, because they play that song where we work,,i don't care WHAT the lyric is supposed to be, it's made to sound like douche!

Lynda said...

I heard them talk about that on the radio once. They also heard douche, and they're DJs!

Morgen said...

yep, always wondered why were were wrapped up in a douche.
just so long as it's vinegar and water.

Janna said...

Desert Songbird: I like Springsteen too, though I agree he isn't always the easiest person to understand.

Mr. Fab: "Philistine" is spelled with only one "L", you Philistine :)

Laura Lee: I agree. It sounds A LOT more like "douche" than "deuce". There's a definite "SH" sound.

Lynda: See? That's what I mean!

Morgen: I'll never understand why women feel the need to squirt VINEGAR up their yingyangs.

Morgen said...

yingyangs huh?
I thought women used douches in their vaginas.

Wonder if it would clean out the old yingyang better if you packed it full of baking soda before squirting the vinegar up there?

Peppermint said...

It's for when you have that "not so fresh feeling" lol..good grief..those commercials were the WORST when I was growing up..besides..who wants their hooha to smell like garden flowers?

Janna said...

Morgen: I didn't realize you were an expert on vaginas.

Peppermint: Exactly! I remember those commercials too...