Thursday, June 7, 2007

Construction and Destruction

Downtown Hillsdale is all torn up with construction zones. They're re-doing the streets and it seems like you can't drive anywhere without seeing a bunch of orange barrels, chunks of torn up asphalt, and redirected traffic. Especially in the middle of the day, things are a mess. This afternoon around 5:00 I was there, waiting waiting waiting for traffic to move, when I realized my gas tank was almost empty. And I do mean empty. The needle was right ON the "E". Luckily I made it to a gas station in time.
But imagine how annoying it would have been for everyone if I'd run out of gas right then and there, holding up even more traffic. If ever there was a time to go ballistic and start hurling explosives at strangers, that would be it.
Does anyone have any explosives I can borrow?
You know, in case it happens again.


ddbb said...

Oh yup..we're down there every Saturday to peruse the HIllsdale auction and sometimes during the week i'll try to talk my hone into going to the Gathering for coffee..but he is avoiding the traffic down there. Wimp. heh..I tell him..that is NOT traffic..coming from NYC that is nothing lol

Janna said...

ddbb: I love The Gathering! They have a turkey medallion salad which is SO good... especially with the raspberry vinaigrette!

ddbb said...

I love it too! WTF happened to the one in Jonesville it's something else and has an ice cream shop too...I haven't been there since they got new owners. I'm a coffee fiend..and a coffee house fiend lol..I just wish we had a good book store a I could browse books, eat cheesecake and drink a latte..yum! BUT gotta go far from that lol

Mr. Fabulous said...

You can't hurl explosives. You throw like a girl.

Desert Songbird said...

Ah, yes, the flowers of spring - construction barrels.

Janna said...

ddbb: I know what you mean, we have NO good bookstores around here at all. Not even in Coldwater or Hillsdale! I think there are some in Jackson, at the malls, but I rarely go there at all.

Mr. Fab: That just means you need to stand a little closer.

Desert Songbird: Sadly true.