Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday Thirteen


1) One more degree and I'll kill you.

2) This whole "Heat Index" thing is really a government conspiracy, isn't it?

3) Bring back winter and I'll share this ice cream with you.

4) So, whatever happened to "El Nino?"

5) Actually, I'd much rather it was "Global Cooling".

6) Don't waste my time with Celsius.

7) Bring back winter and I'll refrain from killing your loved ones.

8) How can you read the radar images with that tinfoil hat on your head?

9) What do you mean, you get an erection from saying the word "Tsunami"?

10) So, back in college, did meteorology majors get laid a lot, ....or not so much?

11) Actually, it's both the heat AND the humidity.

12) A frost/freeze advisory sounds really good right about now... whaddya say?

13) Bring back winter and I'll blow you. Twice.


ddbb said...

Oh I hear you! Considerinng yesterday it was actually chilly....oh and is just miserable! We made the trek to Jonesville to go to Kroger and everyone is cranky from the heat lol..thank god for central living across from a farm means lots of icky bug type things..I definitely could do without that.Good news though..70's starting tommorow..stay cool! :)

Janna said...

ddbb: The Kroger in Hillsdale, you mean? Yeah, I drove by there today. Lots of traffic. (See my previous post about the construction zones downtown.) And I've got lots of bugs and flies and moths and weirdo insects out here too. I think we probably share the same ones. :)

ddbb said...

Yes, I meant Hillsdale..stopped at Wal Mart too..THAT is i Jonesville..even after tow years here i'm still a ditz least the wind is giving us a breeze...btw..I'm's nice to talk to another female from my town..I left all my friends back home. I'm absolutely bug I hibernate during the buggy months..thank GOD for the internet lol

Janna said...

ddbb: It still amazes me that in all of cyberspace, one of my readers would end up being from Litchfield. This is creepy and cool, all at once. :) I drive by Hadley road all the time, whenever I take the back way to Coldwater.

ddbb said...

LOL..I can assure you i'm not creepy. I just happened to be surfing and was Googling litchfield and your blog popped up..I was like how funny. I'm just a 40 something big mouthed liberal with a brooklyn accent lol..I fit in REAL well here heh. We'll have to get together for coffee or something sometime. My sweetie is usually out on his tractor at night and my son..well he'll be leaving for college this fall. You pass right by my house when you that way. I'm about 3/4 before Hadley..maybe 1/2 mile

ddbb said...

Excuse the typos..I have a dachshund that insists on being on my lap :)

Steven said...

What???? Another Hillsdale County blogger? What are the chances?

Janna, you're list was HILARIOUS! Would you really blow a weatherman twice if he could do something about the heat? What if someone were to come over and point a fan on you and keep making you cool drinks? Not that I'm asking for myself, of course.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I bet DDBB knows where the golf course is...

Meloncutter said...

About number 13. What can I get if I let you set in my freezer?

Just wondering.

Later Y'all

Marilyn said...

Can the weatherman really change the weather? Does he accept bribes? Let me know how this works out. I bake can bake really great cookies... you know, for the cause.

Morgen said...

I don't know if I'm more amazed that there is another Litchfield blogger out there, or that Janna would actually blow the weather man for cooler weather.

Hmmm... watch out Fab, now Janna has someone LOCAL to stalk!!!!

(pretend I didn't just type that, ddbb!)

Travis said...

It seems wrong that a place that gets so cold in the winter should get so hot in the summer.

I won't tell you that it's only June and you have a couple more months of this to go.

Ooops! Don't read that last sentence!

ddbb said...

I'm already anxiously awaiting Fall..crips air..cte sweaters and warm weather. Today has been nice though.

Janna said...

ddbb: Sometimes my cats like to sit on my lap while I'm typing too.

Steve: Believe me, if I could find a weatherman who could actually change the weather to my specifications, I would be sure to make him VERY happy.

Mr. Fab: Don't presume! :)

Meloncutter: If I can sit there from June through September, call me. We'll talk.

Marilyn: Make the cookies anyway and send them to me. I'll... uh, I'll test them to be sure they will be appropriate for the cause.

Morgen: I'm not stalking ddbb! I'm not stalking anyone!!

Travis: Too late; I already read it and now I'm very depressed.

ddbb: Y'know what's even better than fall? Winter!!! :)

ddbb said...

Ugh..went to Toledo today..nice part was having options when it came to shopping. Bad was hot and well hot! ick..not too bad out tonight though..I do love Winter, BUT this past winter was TOUGH! lol I have 3 kitties..2 dogs and chickens..thankfully. the chickens dont sit on my lap ;)

Janna said...

ddbb: That's a good thing, 'cause it would be awkward if the chickens laid eggs on your lap.