Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yes, I'm a wuss. Hug me anyway.

Ok, we're getting a storm here.
Not a thunder-and-lightning storm, but a windstorm.
You know how I feel about those, right?
Click HERE if you don't. It will explain everything.
Anyway, it's raining, and the wind is blowing so hard that the rain is almost parallel to the ground.
Not good.
Hold me.


metalmom said...

I don't like those either! I'll hold your hand under the bed and share my valium with you,kay?

Lynda said...

You are welcome in my home, if you need a place. Though, we have winds here too. And the occasional tornado.

I heard those straight winds can be a real bitch, though. Sorry about your home.

Marilyn said...

Oh that's awful. You're in my thoughts.

Janna said...

Metalmom: Okay!

Lynda: There was a tornado warning just a couple hours ago, in the county northwest of me!

Marilyn: Thank you... :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

MetalMom has Valium?

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: Oh, like that surprises you??

Morgen said...

I posted a special Wizard Of Oz you tube, just for you Dorothy.
Hope the twisters stay away from your Lollipop Guild Recruiting Camp!

Janna said...

Morgen: There's no place like home... there's no place like home...