Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Contest Results

The contest is over and I have the results!
This one was exciting because.... well, you'll see.

First, here are the answers:

1. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I was most upset about the fact that I couldn't chew Doritos for awhile afterward.
FALSE: I have never had my wisdom teeth out.

2. Growing up, I had a crush on Arnold Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter.
TRUE: I love the cutesy nerdy dorky types. What can I say.

3. When I was 10 years old, I had a pet rock named "Hoople".
FALSE: When I was 10, I had a Golden Retriever named "Nugget". I have never had a pet rock named Hoople. As far as I can remember, my only childhood pet rocks (that I actually named) were Ironton and Cubeta.

4. I hate fishing.
FALSE: I love fishing as long as I get to use NON-worm bait. Crickets work well. Really it's quite relaxing to sit there in the boat (or the pier, wherever) waiting for the fish to bite. I love the moment when the bobber begins to twitch and you know something's trying to take a bite! Back in my teens and twenties, I'd go fishing with my grandparents in some of the nearby Michigan lakes. It was a lot of fun. We'd catch bluegill and perch and sunfish. Grampa taught me how to scale them and cut their heads & tails off, slice their little bellies open, take out all their guts... then Gramma would fry them up for dinner. Ahhh. Good times.

5. My 5th grade teacher was Mrs. Amsbaugh.
FALSE: My 5th grade teacher was Mrs. Roberts. Mrs. Amsbaugh had the class next door to us.

6. I love putting just a little bit of salt on my watermelon.
FALSE: My mother loves it this way. So did my grandfather. I've tried it, but would much rather have my watermelon plain.

7. I have never even tried to play a violin.
FALSE: In college, I took a string methods class where we learned the bare basics of the four main stringed instruments of the orchestra (violin, viola, cello, bass). I did get the chance to hold a violin and play a few notes. I don't remember anything about it now, though.

8. I hate doing dishes so much that I ONLY use disposable plates.
TRUE: I Hate. Doing. Dishes. Hate it. Hate. It.

9. I have a grandmother and a cousin, both of whom have "Feldra" as a first name.

10. My middle name is the same as my grandmother's.
TRUE: The middle name is EleNora.

11. I have no clue how to change a tire.
FALSE: I can do it. And I actually had to, a couple times, back in my college days. I still remember how, I think... I just don't remember how to work the jack. If I could figure that part of it out again, I think the rest would be easy.

12. I have never been to a football game, either high school, college, or professional.
FALSE: In high school (and even during my first year of college), I went when I had to, for marching band. To this day, I have no clue how the game is played. I understand none of the rules, and it's frustrating that they keep stopping all the time. I have no clue what a "First Down" is. No. Clue. At. All.

13. I wish my eyes were green.
TRUE: Brown is so plain. *sigh*. I don't want to be plain....

14. I would love to drive across the country, just to see the sights and be free..
FALSE: I would worry too much about my car breaking down. I've been brainwashed by my parents that if I drive long distances, I am tempting fate and my car will break down. Thus I feel guilty everytime I drive more than a couple hours away from home. (Yet my parents think nothing of driving long distances themselves....Hmmmm....)

15. I think it would be cool to pet one of those giant anaconda snakes.
TRUE: As long as someone's keeping an eye on the head section so I don't get bitten or squeezed or swallowed, heck yeah, I'd love to run a hand up and down its wicked scaly belly! That would be so cool!

16. I have actually eaten rattlesnake meat before.
FALSE: My mother has tried it, but I haven't. She said it tasted like chicken. (Big surprise there). I'd give it a try if it was offered to me, sure, why not?

17. I wear size 11 shoes.
FALSE: Actually my optimum size is 9 and a half, WW. (Also known as "EE"). That's super-uber-wide width. But it's hard to find WW widths anyplace other than a special catalog. So often I have to compromise and just take size 10-W so I can get close to the width I need. This means often my shoes are too long for my feet, and too narrow at the same time. It's a pleasant luxury when I can afford shoes that properly fit my feet. Size 11 is almost always way too big, though.... it looks like clown shoes on me.

18. I still have one of my baby teeth in my mouth.
TRUE! It's my upper left cuspid. The baby tooth never came out. The dentist x-rayed it once, and the adult tooth is still there in the roof of my mouth, but it's not positioned correctly, so it never pushed the baby tooth out like it was supposed to. If I push my tongue against the roof of my mouth, I can sorta feel how one side is a little thicker than the other, right in that spot where the adult tooth is indefinitely waiting.

19. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 20.
TRUE: *sigh*. Not sure what to say about that....

20. I worked at McDonalds for three days.
TRUE: I hated it. I was in my late teens/early twenties, I think. McDonalds was a horrible job. Hated the uniform, hated the work, hated the false cheeriness, hated the weird cartoonish childish training videos, hated everything about it. They wouldn't let me take breaks for my lunch, despite the fact that they were legally supposed to. After three days I said the hell with it.

Now let's find out how everyone did.
There were 12 people who entered.

There was a four-way tie for 6th place, with the following people getting 7 answers right: Mr. Fab, Matt-man, Cincy Diva, and Turnbaby.

Next, in 5th place with 9 answers right, was Michael.

Then there was a tie for 4th place, with Lynda and Bobbarama both getting 10 answers right.

In 3rd place was Wayne, with 11 correct answers.

Then there was a tie for 2nd place, between Morgen and Steve. Both had 12 correct answers.

And.... (drum roll, please)... there was a tie for first place, with Lee and Onionboy both getting 13 answers right!

Lee is one of my very best friends who has known me for almost 20 years. We went to college together and have been through a lot of stuff. Lee really KNOWS me, so I wasn't surprised that he would get a high score. Because of the fact that he knows me so well, he's chosen to disqualify himself from the contest, in the interests of fairness.

But wow, what's up with Onionboy? I've only known him for a few months through the blogosphere, and yet he wins this contest easily! Onionboy! Congratulations, my friend, you not only won, you got the same score as someone who's known me for almost 20 years! You did better than Morgen, who is another excellent 'real-life' friend that knows me really well! You did better than Steve, who has been a friend of mine since high school! You kicked ass! Wow!

I'll e-mail you as soon as I hit the "publish post" button, and we can work out the details of what you'd like your Jannagraphic to be!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered!
I had a lot of fun with this, and I hope you did too. :)


Michael said...

Wow I did better than expected seeing as I hardly know ya.

Congrats to Onionboy and all the other contestants.

bobbarama said...

I'd like to thank my manager, the producers, my agent, my fans ... wait, what? ... I didn't win? Serious?


I had a great time. Great contest. Congratulations to all the winners. This was fun.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I blame Mrs. Amsbaugh for my poor showing. I never liked that bitch.

Lynda said...

I did better than Mr. Fab. Wow!

You sure were tricky with that McDonald's one, because didn't Fab have the same thing on HIS list?

Marilyn said...

Is there any way we can twist the answers around and accuse Mr. Fab of making a sex video?

Onionboy: Where do I mail the Crisco?

Morgen said...

Since I tied with Steve, I'm happy.

Lee will be thrilled to know he was top-ranking, if not in the running for the prize.

Tune in Friday for the answers to MY quiz, and see who wins the Jannagraphic over there!

onionboy said...

i'd like to thank the academy, natalie, my mother, the spyware i have installed on the janneverse computer, God, and the U S of A for allowing me to covet this winnable prize. and since no speech is complete without a political statement ... stop the genocide in Darfur, killing in the name of God, and mr fab from calling me anymore.

Wayne said...

WOW! 3rd place? was that some lucky guees or what?

Turnbaby said...

I blame Mr. Fab AND Matty---sheesh look at the crowd i am hangin' with....

Janna said...

Michael: How did you think you were going to do? :)

Bobbarama: Actually, for not knowing me at ALL, you did terrific. I was really surprised.

Mr. Fab: I don't think she likes you either...

Lynda: He did! It was the very first thing on his list! :)

Marilyn: I don't know how to fake a sex video, but I'll gladly photoshop some incriminating pictures of Fab, if you'd like! :)
Actually, I already did, and they're all posted over at Directives. LOL. He LIKED them!

Morgen: Tell Lee congratulations! (And congrats to you too :)

Onionboy: Hooray! You rock! Congrats on doing so well! You shocked the heck out of me!!! :)

Wayne: If not for Onionboy swooping in at the last moment, you would have won! (Since Lee and Morgen and Steve all disqualified themselves, you would have had first!)

Turnbaby: They're a bad influence on you... but I bet you secretly enjoy it. I know I would. :)