Monday, April 23, 2007

Various things from the life of Janna

1) I was tempted to post a picture of my leg wound, with a title that said "Does this look infected to you?" It's been three days since the incident, and it doesn't seem to be healing. It still bleeds a lot and soaks through the bandages. And it still hurts. Shouldn't it be, you know, healing at least a little bit by now? Should I be worried here?

2) This weekend I will be visiting Lee and Morgen for a few days, from Friday to Monday morning. I might be able to post something from Morgen's store on Friday afternoon, but other than that, you guys are going to have to live without me that whole time! (Please don't do anything drastic. It would be cool if you missed me, though).

3) Here's a cute picture of Honeynut taking a nap today.

UPDATE: The leg is definitely infected. The bleeding has stopped, but it still looks pretty bad. I don't feel so great, guys. This afternoon I changed my bandages and was so exhausted I laid down for "just a moment". I woke up three hours later! I don't seem to have any Neosporin in the house, so I'm making a trip to the store right now to buy some. I'll also need to buy more bandages, since I've used up a lot of what I bought the other day.
I am still amazed that a 2-liter bottle can wreak this much havoc.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Yikes, that leg might be infected. Are you putting anything on it, like Neosporin or some sort of antibiotic ointment?

Hope it gets better soon!!!

Lynda said...

If it is still bleeding, you may want to call your doctor. You might need some stiches. Otherwise, you might want to get those butterfly strips and see about closing it yourself, but it has been a few days, so I personally would see the doctor.

Lynda said...

And your kitty is really cute. Kind of reminds me of my Julius cat. I'll be sure to miss you while you are gone.

Skittles said...

I just met Mo last Saturday and it was wonderful! It's the topic of my Manic Monday post today :)

Love the kitty!

Janna said...

Crazy Working Mom: No, I haven't been putting anything on it... but I have been keeping it clean and changing the bandages as needed. It doesn't really LOOK infected, but I just think it's weird because it doesn't seem to be healing up at all.

Lynda: My doctor moved away a few years ago and I never found another one. Julius is a good name for an orange cat!

Skittles: The kitty is wonderful, isn't she? I really love her.

Danielle said...

Gotta agree with cwm on the neosporin. It does seem odd that a collision with a soda bottle would produce such a wound. Go to the clinic girl.
I will miss you for sure, sweets

Be well and take care of the wound for chrimmy sakes

Desert Songbird said...

I think you should have the doctor check out that wound. Seems weird that it's still bleeding a lot. You don't take blood thinners, do you? (I do, so that's always the first thing I think of.)

Have a great time in Dowagiac!

Janna said...

Danielle: Thanks for the well-wishes. I will keep everyone posted.

Desert Songbird: Nope, I'm not on blood thinners. Not sure what's the problem. Something just doesn't feel right.

Lynda said...

*sigh* Well, the butterfly strips might do you good. My husband used them when he should have gotten stitches, after he cut his thumb. Anything to bring the flesh together again. It would probably help the bleeding too.

Still, it would be better to see some kind of medical professional. It would make the worry lines in my forehead go away. :)

Brutus is actually the more orange, but he is also the bully, so he couldn't be Julius. LOL

Janna said...

Lynda: It isn't the type of wound that needs stitches (i.e. doesn't have separated edges that need to be brought together). It's more like a really bad scrape or gouge. Like if someone took a miniature melon-baller and carved a "J" into your leg.
I changed the bandages again this afternoon. The bleeding is much less, but now it's easy to see that the wound IS definitely infected.
Now and then it jabs me with a TWINGE of pain.
I am exhausted.

Travis said...

CWM is right - clean it again and smear liberally with Neosporin. Then bandage it.

What will I do for weirdness while you're gone?

Take care of that leg now.

amisare waswerebeen said...

Soak in really warm epsom salt water. Then spray well with an antiseptic spray. Apply antibiotic cream and bandage. Do this 1-2 times a day. Trust me...I'm a mom. If it turns green and starts to stink, all bets are off and you should see a doc.

Michael said...

Get to the doc and get it sorted before you get that flesh eating bug in there.

amisare waswerebeen said...

Ewww...good idea. I'm with Michael.

Steven said...

Uh, hello! Can we say stiches and antibiotics? Get thee to a doctor!

onionboy said...

i'd like to share one of my pet peeves ... when adults refuse to go to a doctor!!! janna, please go to the doctor.

as far as the picture goes, i posted one of a broken toe once.

Janna said...

Travis: I am taking care of it, I promise.

Amisare: I promise I will not let it turn green and stinky.

Michael: Eeew, I hadn't thought of the whole flesh-eating thing!

Steve: Antibiotics, YES. Stitches, NO. (see recent post on 4/25)

Onionboy: LOVE the toe picture!!