Tuesday, April 24, 2007


(Note: First go read the previous post, including the update at the end)

I used Neosporin on the leg last night.
Actually got a full night's sleep. Felt like crap.
Woke up this morning and found the bandage soaked.
It's been 4 days now, and the wound looks worse than day #1.
And it hurts.
I don't HAVE a doctor. I haven't had a doctor in about two years. He moved away.
If the Neosporin hasn't helped in another day or two, I'll take it to the "urgent care" section of the hospital. Or "prompt care", or whatever they call it nowadays. I'll get treated like cattle but hopefully someone there can help me.


Matt-Man said...

Get your ass over to Urgent Care NOW!! These types of things can get nasty...

Desert Songbird said...

I with Matt - don't wait, GO NOW! You don't want to mess around with this any longer. I can get very, very nasty.

GO. NOW!!!!!

Danielle said...

Don't wait Janna. I hate resorting to urgent care but I am with Matt-man and desert songbird on this one. You may have hit a vein at an odd angle.

Girl, get your ass to the urgent care and don't post no more until you do.

Off you go....

Marilyn said...

I don't have a doctor either. In fact I haven't seen a doctor in six years. Still, these folks are right. We don't want e-mails from your friend saying you aren't with us any more. Go get help. Now!

amisare waswerebeen said...

Is there a day clinic around there?

amisare waswerebeen said...

It's unanimous....GO, NOW!

Lynda said...

I agree with everyone else. Go now! Go yesterday! It shouldn't be bleeding this much.

Morgen said...

I hope as I type this, you're at the Urgent Care.

Because, you know if you get gangrene and they have to cut your leg off... well, my house isn't wheelchair accessible and you'll have to spend this weekend out in the chicken coop!

So, get your boo-boo fixed, dammit!

Steven said...

Listen to your fellow bloggers...get your ass (and your leg) to urgent PRONTO! This is not just a small cut. This is a bandage-soaking gash that has been going on for days. A little Neosporin is not going to stop or heal a deep wound!!! Move it! Now! Don't make me get nasty!

Natalie said...

go to urgent care now I am grossed out just thinking of it.

briliantdonkey said...

Agreed get to the urgent care or Emergency room. You don't even have to go in immediately if you don't feel up to it yet. Stick around outside and change the sign to something more fitting like the "if it's an emergency why do they make me wait around for 8 hours" room.


Michael said...

What they said.

Do we need to come around and drag your ass to hospital?

Travis said...

That's not right - you need to get it checked now like everyone has said!

Meloncutter said...

I would suggest that you start a photo journal of how to lose a leg. Keep us posted on the blog with pictures as the wound becomes septic and gangrene sets in. You can verbally describe the odor of rot to us along with the pictures of the meat falling off your leg.

After about 7 days, the flies will have gotten to it and the maggots will help in removing the rotted flesh. Then the pain will set in and you can post recordings of your screams of anguish along with video of the supprecating ooze of bloody pus pouring from the infected area.

At this point you will call an ambulance and they will take you to the cheap hospital where they will remove your leg at the hip and we can all call you stumpy.

Or you can just go to the doctor and deprive us of this morbid form of entertainment.

This just might be educational.

Just a thought.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Now I am getting worried. Do I have to come up there and kick your ass to have that leg looked at?

Because then we'd have to have your ass looked at too...

amisare waswerebeen said...

Getting a little worried. We haven't heard from you in over a day. Take care of yourself.

Lynda said...

I hope your not posting means that you went to urgent care and they put you on really good drugs.

Morgen said...

Um.... when are you going to let your faithful readers know you're still alive?

Janna said...

Matt-man: I went!
Desert Songbird: I went!
Danielle: I went!
Marilyn: I went!
Amisare: I went!
Lynda: I went!
Morgen: I went!
Steve: I went!
Natalie: I went!
BD: I went!
Michael: I went!
Travis: I went!
Meloncutter: I went!
Mr. Fab: I went!
Everyone: See my 4/25 post for the update about me going to urgent care. I went!!!!!