Friday, April 6, 2007

Taking Candy From Strangers

Back on March 6th, exactly one month ago, I wrote a post where I tried Dove chocolate milk for the very first time. I made it embarrassingly clear that I loved the stuff. :)
Well, I'd completely forgotten about writing that, when I got a comment on that post two days ago from someone named Lauren. Click here to read the comment (Scroll all the way down; it's near the bottom).

My first reaction was "Wow, cool!" But then the skepticism and caution crept in. Was this for real? It sounded too good to be true. And she left her comment at 7pm... that seemed odd to me. Wouldn't someone in an office, working in PR, have hours that were closer to the regular 9-5 schedule? So I wondered whether or not to respond.
Eventually I decided what the heck. Let's be brave.

So I sent her this e-mail:

Tell me more about this!
Free Dove chocolate sounds too good to be true.
it must be nice to have a job websurfing for chocolate hits at 7:00 in the evening. I definitely need a career change.

And she responded with this:

Yes, PR does have it’s perks! One of them is the great amount of chocolate here that we normally use to send to editors (and sometimes snack from!) Occasionally, if one of us happens to come across a blog that we find interesting, or fun, we can send chocolate just as a thank you for mentioning it. Yours seemed pretty cool! So that is it— no strings. Basically, we’re just glad that you like our chocolate! If you would like me to send you some, just let me know where I can send it, and I can overnight you some treats. Best, Lauren

So I daringly sent my address to her yesterday, at about 3:00pm.
And TODAY, at around noon, a FedEx truck pulled up and left me a package!
Oh, my gosh! Look at this! There's a bag of the foil-wrapped "Rich Dark Chocolate" promises, and a bag of the foil-wrapped "Dark Chocolate Raspberry" promises (caramel filled)! And two bars of the "Extra-Dark" chocolate-- one with 63% cacao, and one with 71% cacao. (When you're Dove, you get to spell COCOA any way you want. :)
Plus, there's a card that says this:

Dear Janna:
This shift (with new packaging for the dark chocolate) doesn't hit shelves until June. Enjoy!
Best, Lauren

Wow! How very cool!
What a nice surprise!
Thank you, Lauren and Dove.
Thank you very much!


Danielle said...

Is this the new "advertising" method hitting the internet? They successfully received a personal endorsement from you, enhanced your opine of Dove and YOU got free chocolate goodness. I loved your comment, sneaky, sneaky. Testing the waters for spammers. I say good for Dove and yummy for you.

Janna said...

Danielle: I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

See now that I'm okay with. I hate blogs that advertise, but if someone writes a free will endorsement of a product and someone happens to come along and see it and send them free stuff it's all very cool! I'm still waiting for my free Reach Access dental flossers lol

I don't count Pay-per-post in that. I really hate that phenomenon.

I'm liking your blog BTW.

Lynda said...

OMG! I am so jealous!! LOL

Janna said...

Irish Church Lady: Good luck with the dental flossers! :)

Lynda: Isn't it cool? I was really surprised! :)

(note: the deleted comment was spam)...

Turnbaby said...

OMG--free chocolate?!?!?


Lynda said...

Totally awesome! I like you even better knowing you like chocolate.

Wait...Are you competition?

Janna said...

Turnbaby: Yes, free chocolate! Isn't it wonderful?

Lynda: I'm lousy competition because I can sometimes be talked into sharing. :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I knew once Lynda got wind there was chocolate here...

So...will your next post be about how much you love Mercedes Benz convertibles?

Actually, this give me an idea for a post...

Lizza said...

Free chocolate, yummy chocolate at that. That is so amazing! Good for you, Janna (though I'm smacking my lips in envy).

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: Mercedes-Benz convertibles, diamonds, emeralds, fountain pens, crab cakes, gasoline, Lawson nickel-plated double French horns with detachable bells... yes, send them all my way.

Lizza: It is delicious! :)

Meloncutter said...

This really upsets me. I have mentioned 2 dollar hookers and numerous titty bars in my blog many times and do I get freebies and the cover charge waived? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

How many times have I covered the merits of eating the damned cheap frozen burritos. Do I get cheap frozen burritos...?????




I am calling my congresswoman.


Later Y'alll

Desert Songbird said...

You totally scored with this one - good for you! How could anyone say no to free chocolate?!

Morgen said...

I was so awe-struck and jealous that I just couldn't comment yesterday.
That and the fact that I had Jaz in my arms while reading your blog...
This is totally cool!
Now, why, when I sing the praises of Temptations at Purrchance To Dream, do I not get a case of kitty crack?

Lauren is my new PR hero!

amisare waswerebeen said...

The same thing happened when I blogged about my son's science experiment on Energizer batteries. A PR woman emailed me and asked for our address and my son's name to send him an Energizer bunny. While that sounded really cool, I wasn't willing to give a stranger my small son's name and address. Glad you got your chocolate though.

Janna said...

Meloncutter: LOL. :) The trick is to mention a specific brand name, I guess! :)

Desert Songbird: I agree!

Morgen: It would be SO cool if you got a shipment of kitty-crack!

Amisare: You could have just given the stranger YOUR name instead, if you were worried about your son...

Travis said...

I guess sometimes it pays to be bold. And it pays in yummy dark chocolate too.

Now if it was CAKE...well...

Janna said...

Travis: It is SO cute how you always write the word "CAKE" in capital letters. :)

Cheesy said...

Congratz! and.... OMG!!


Janna said...

Cheesy: Thanks! And yes, Melon is a riot. :)

Lauren said...

Believe me, PR is definitely a 24-hour-per-day job-- I am so glad you liked your chocolate!

Janna said...

Lauren: You are awesome. :)