Sunday, April 8, 2007

Pretend I put a really witty title here, ok?

I have no idea what to say today, so why not just spew out whatever comes to mind.

* When I was young I hated the idea of hollow chocolate bunnies. I thought it was a dirty rotten trick, making someone think they were getting all that chocolate, and then they learn to their dismay that it's filled with nothing but AIR. I'm surprised more riots haven't happened as a result of this.

* Last night the snow continued. When I drove into town in the evening, I noticed that the snow had completely covered the road in some spots. Granted, it was a thin dusting, but still more than I thought I would see. And yet I STILL say this is better than summer. I hate hot temperatures. Hate them. I would rather shiver than sweat, ANY day.

* Since I really have no holiday plans, I've just been sitting here alone at home, slowly marinating in my own juices. (You wouldn't believe how tender I am now!). Go on, stick me with a fork. See? Tons of flavor there. Trust me.

* I wish I could figure out how to post audio clips to my blog. I think that'd be fun. I think Blogger stopped providing that service back in November, which bites. If there's any other way of doing it, and IF I could figure it out, I could post clips of me saying all kinds of stupid junk, and playing little snippets of my music compositions.

* Sanity is overrated.


Turnbaby said...

well sugar--I am posting some videos I uploaded to YouTube featuring yours truly.

Desert Songbird said...

And I would rather sweat than shiver.

Guess that's why you live where you do, and I live where I live!

I'm really hoping it warms up by the time I get to Indy this Thursday...

Janna said...

Turnbaby: Oh? Videos of you doing what, hmmm?

Desert Songbird: Bring a coat!

Travis said...

I prefer warm/cool to hot/cold.

I suppose that's why I live in the pacific northwest.

Desert Songbird said...

BTW - I agree with you on the hollow bunny thing. That's why the Easter Bunny ONLY delivers solid chocolate bunnies to my kids!

Janna said...

Travis: Sounds like you live in the right place, then! :)

Desert Songbird: Lucky kids! :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Just as well you don't have audio. Save those fevered ramblings for Sunday night!

Turnbaby said...


not that

of me being a 'weather girl' and giggling and stuff

Oh my

Lynda said...

AudioBlogger sent an email listing some alternatives. I will see if I can't find them. :)

You look might tender after all that marinating.

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Janna said...

Mr. Fab: I am scared to death of Sunday night!!

Turnbaby: Weather girl? Really?

Lynda: Thank you!!!!