Monday, April 16, 2007

The name of my blog

Ok, I want your opinion on something.
Sunday night on the radio program, we got on the topic of my blog's title.
One More Raindrop In A Bloggy Ocean.
That title gets screwed up a lot, I've noticed. Over the past few months, I've seen it called "Once More Into A Bloggy Ocean," "One More Drop In A Bloggy Ocean," "One More Raindrop In The Bloggy Ocean," and other mixed-up versions.
I know the real title is kinda long and cumbersome.
When I first decided to start a blog, I wondered what the title should be. I thought of "The Jannaverse", but figured that might be confused with the cartoon series I was doing for Morgen at the time. (Which was also called "The Jannaverse").
I wanted something cute, inviting, funny, intelligent, laced with just a tinge of strangeness. Maybe I was trying too hard to find something that was all-inclusive. I liked the raindrop title because it reflected the reality that there are zillions of blogs already out there, and mine was just one humble drop among many.
I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it. I was signing up for the Blogger account, and there were separate boxes for the URL and the title. As you can see, the URL is "Jannaverse", Yet the title is something else entirely, "One More Raindrop In A Bloggy Ocean."
My question is this: Do you think it would be better if I just went ahead and changed the title to "Jannaverse"? That way it would match the URL. And I'm not doing that cartoon series for Morgen anymore; it kinda fell by the wayside, so there's no more worry about confusing the two. "Jannaverse" would be shorter, easier to remember, and harder to screw up.
I could keep "One More Raindrop In A Bloggy Ocean" as a subtitle, written in teeny letters below "The Jannaverse", so people wouldn't need to change the links in their sidebar if they currently have me listed as the raindrop thing. (I see some of you already have me listed as the "Jannaverse" anyway!)
So, whaddya think? Should I change it? Or would it be best to just keep it the way it is, and keep on correcting people who mix it up? Am I a jerk for wanting people to get the title right?
I was already considering this before the radio show last night, but when Mr. Fab brought up the topic of the title being cumbersome, it made me think about it even more. I mean, he was probably just joking, but I think he's right anyway.
Talk to me.
I'm listening.


Callie Ann said...

I like your idea of changing it and then putting the current name underneath in little print like you said. Sounds good to me.

Michael said...

I kinda like the current title, but you're the boss, whatever feels right for you.

Morgen said...

First: sorry about the Jannaverse cartoons, they would be an awesome addition here at your site.

Second: I really like The Jannaverse for the title of your blog. The idea of putting one more raindrop into a subtitle would be cool. Since you were changing your header regularly (how much ice cream do I have to bribe you with to get those freaky ass horror eyeballs off the header?) you could try it both ways and see how YOU like it. I especially think that since your url is "jannaverse" that the title of "jannaverse" would be most excellent.
Just my two pesos worth.

bobbarama said...

I'm a big fan of Jannaverse.

It's short and memorable, it captures your witty personality, and it tells regular and new readers right away they're about to get a taste of the world through your totally unique perspective. It's your universe. We're just peering in.

My two cents.

Steven said...

I've come to really like "One more drop in the rainverse" or whatever it was. Just kidding. I actually loved that title, so whatever you do, keep it somewhere. But I do think "The Jannaverse" speaks something more of the world that surrounds you, which is the essence of your blog.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Whatever makes you happy. Unless it involves maiming and terrorizing people and animals like Fab.

briliantdonkey said...

I am new here but I would say go with whichever makes you happy. It is YOUR blog NOT ours.


Desert Songbird said...

It is your blog to do with what you will. I'm such a freak when it comes to titles; I'll ponder for days and weeks before coming up with the "perfect" title.

For what it's worth, if you DO decide to switch to The Jannaverse, it would be a good idea to add the current title as a subtitle. Branding and all, you know.

Travis said...

I like both titles actually.

The idea of the blog being called The Jannaverse, One More Raindrop in a Bloggy Ocean? That's good.

We are a nation of name-shorteners after all. And although the link on my blog says "Janna is One More Raindrop", I never think of this place as just one more blog.

But as Michael said, you're the boss and I'll call your place whatever you want it to be called.

Janna said...

Callie, Michael, Morgen, Bobbarama, Steve, Irish Church Lady, Brilliant Donkey, Desert Songbird, and Travis:

Thank you for the input!! I have listened to every word!
I'll wait a couple more days, to see who else wants to offer input, then I'll decide what to do....

Meloncutter said...

Hmmmmm..... both are actually original in content. Both are appealing. Both are titles that would give a person pause to stop to read.

Everybody does that. I would change it to.......

"Just Shut The Hell Up, Read The Friggin Thing, Leave A Damned Comment And Bite My Hairy Ass."

It's still a little long and cumbersome but what the hell.

Just a Thought.

Later Y'all

Lynda said...

Have you seen my blog title? I find it very boring.

But hey, it sounds like you are keeping the one, you just want to make it a subtitle. I like the idea! Plus, if it makes you happy because people remember it, all the better.

But I wouldn't take 99% of what Mr. Fab says serious.

Natalie said...

I really like this title. However, using it as a secondary title also works. Whatever you do don't scrap it entirely. That being said I have had three titles and I haven't even been blogging a full year.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I like the idea of "Jannaverse" very much. Not as much as I like "The Mr. Fab Stalker Chronicles" or "Mr. Fab's Penis--Bigger Than Life!", but it's still very nice.

I like that and the idea of the pond situation deal as the tagline.

I said cumbersome? Really?

Janna said...

Meloncutter: I LOVE your title suggestion. Unfortunately I don't think it would all fit...

Lynda: ROFL about the 99% thing. :)

Natalie: Ok... thanks... (now I'm wondering what your other titles have been...)

Mr. Fab: Thank you for your input! I'll consider the penis/stalker suggestions, I promise. And yes, LOL, you said the word "cumbersome."

Turnbaby said...

I like the title

When Mo had this question I suggested he keep his because it was so unique--

I think the same thing about yours--it's unique and interesting.

Just my two cents

onionboy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
onionboy said...

how about:

"all that stuff that one chick from michigan has to say"

"ha! can't interrupt me now!"

"i hate onions, except for onionboy"

"ocean rain in a bloggy eyeball picture"

"wtf, quit killing people in the name of God, especially single males."

"spicy food in, smelly stuff out"

"french horny"

"good lord, why won't onionboy take anything seriously?"

"mr fab's erectile dys-funk-i-fication"

"morgen was here"

"all eyeball headers all the time"

"i love basketball, especially when they score a touchdown"

"is natalie hot, or what?"

"six degrees of persperation"

"south park janna and the cheesey poofs brass quintet"

and lastly and bestly:

"the jannaverse"

Janna said...

Turnbaby: Thanks for the input!

Onionboy: LOL. You crack me up. There were some really good ones in that list. No doubt Natalie appreciates one of them.