Saturday, April 7, 2007

More Six Word Stories

Yesterday's Six Word Story project was so fun and addictive that I've already written more.

Strange people
knew me best
Occasionally I actually
Believed in something
Look at me
Before I shoot
Found you, lost...
Lost you, finally
Hell is full;
Welcome to work!
Eat 40 prunes
Sit back
One pet
Made life worth living
Headache gone
Only when you leave
AND, last but not least, the special Easter edition:

Delicious bunny!
.... Your pet...??
Didn't realize...


Lynda said...


Am I strange enough to come back and find out more about you?

Welcome to's like you are looking into my mind. HEY! Get out of there!!

cathy said...

father departs,
mother cmforts bewildered children.

Janna said...

Lynda: But it's so fascinating in there!

Cathy: Oooh, yes. Sad, dark... good stuff.

Morgen said...

"Hell is full,
welcome to work."

Creepy yet true
gave me shivers.

Easter Feast
Matt man arteries harden.

Turnbaby said...

OMG --the bunny one LOLOL

Danielle said...

Gotta love the last special easter edition.

Janna said...

(more six-word replies...)

Morgen: You are enjoying this too much!

Turnbaby: Soft, furry, and strangely satisfying. *Burp!* :)

Danielle: Easter bunny fricassee! Oh, the horror! :o

Turnbaby said...

LOL-I have eaten 'bunny' --oh I have eaten rabbit as well--but when I lived in New Orleans there were these 'pet' bunnies that the farm owner decided needed to be fricaseed--they were frickin yummy;-)

Janna said...

Turnbaby: Ouch, they were PETS first? (cringe!)