Friday, April 6, 2007

Six Word Stories

Turnbaby invited me to do this thing; I guess it's a meme, but I prefer to think of it as sort of a fun writers' project. It started at Nancy's blog.
The idea is to write a story that's only six words long.
Here's the set-up Nancy gave:

Ernest Hemingway said the best thing he ever wrote was a six-word story.
It is this:

"For sale-- Baby shoes. Never used."
My challenge to you, Dear Readers and Writers, is to come up with your own six-word story. That's all. Six words.
How hard could that be? It'll only take a minute.

My favorite one of Nancy's was this:
"I wrote, 'Mickey Mouse.' Disney sued."

My favorite of Turnbaby's was this:
"Bought dress.
Bought shoes.
Danced alone."

So let's see..... what six-word creations can I come up with??
THAT one
deserved my bullet most.
Smiles hid the tears
every time.
I died once;
You never cried.
He did NOT taste like chicken.
My love
Is already married?
Weekend alone
Party quietly
Die naked
I awoke
warped further each morning
He never learned
why we cared
Wouldn't listen
Gone now
Good riddance

I won't tag anyone with this. But if it inspires you, go try it! It's fun and kind of addictive after awhile! :)


Mr. Fabulous said...

OMG I am trying to come with one and I CAN'T!

Steven said...

Fantastic challenge. I'll try it...sometime.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

I'm up for it!
Not yet.


How was that? Will think of more and post laters ... some day.

Danielle said...

I played a little over at Turnbaby too. I am thinking about doing it over at my spot. I really liked:
He did NOT taste like chicken.

I awoke
warped further each morning

Good stuff chickie

Morgen said...

my favorite of yours Janna:
He did NOT taste like chicken.

Here's some for you:

How much
can three cats poop?

Clean out car?
Might find something!

No invitations
for weekends
any more.

Some one's depression
hurts me, too.

Free chocolate
too cool for words.

Happy Easter!
With love,
from Mo

Turnbaby said...

OMG--Janna these are AWESOME!! I am gonna do a post with the 'best' of these and the 'best' band names we came up with from your meme. This is so much fun!

Morgen said...

posted mine
thanks for the laughs!

It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

Janna said...


Mr. Fab: You will eventually. Let it flow. :)

Steve: I know... wait, you just DID!

Irish Church Lady: Feel free to share some more!

Danielle: Thank you! Glad you liked them!

Turnbaby: Thanks for the idea! It's FUN!!

Morgen: I knew you'd write good ones! :)

Travis said...

I only did three at my place. This is a fun exercise.

My favorite of yours is: I awoke warped further each morning.

So good!

Janna said...

Travis: They ARE fun, aren't they? Thanks! :)